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Windy Park

The wind blows through the park,

My mood is bleak and dark.

Teenage voices glad,

What hope do they have?

In a world gone mad,

Should not one be sad?

The weather speaks to me,

Why can not man be free,

Flying with the breeze,

Amongst the dancing trees.


In aid of Macmillan Cancer Support- “You’re Not Alone”


A very good cause. Kevin

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Have I mentioned that twenty-seven writers from around the world, including myself have entered an assortment of short stories for your pleasure, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support? I probably did. Here are some more facts that you probably didn’t know and more reasons to buy even multiple copies. Just read the captions and look at the pictures!

[100% of the royalties earned or accrued in the purchase of this book, in all formats, will go to the Pamela Winton tribute fund, which is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

The anthology is themed on relationships and includes tales from urban fantasy to stories that bring tears to the eye. You’ll find the book on your Amazon via these links:]

P1130529 There are a lot of things you can do with this book:

Open a book group Open a book group

Read the stories to your pet Read the stories to your pet

Get a copy for everyone in the house Get a copy for everyone in the…

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The Fox And The Bear

A fox he went a-hunting, a-hunting with a bear,

They tracked a huntsman down, they tracked him to his lair.

Said the huntsman to the animals, “Two against one simply isn’t fair. Give a man a sporting chance to escape from his lair”.

Said those two to the huntsman, “Sir we have no gun. Come out, we’ll give you a sporting chance, lets all have some fun”.

Through an open window the huntsman tried to run.

The animals followed in hot pursuit, then came the fun.