As Insubstancial As A Dream

Last night I had one of those strange dreams which remain with you on waking. I dream most nights but rarely remember my dreams. On this occasion I fell into conversation with an author outside one of those trendy coffee places which have proliferated in London and other cities. He told me that every day he could be found sipping coffee at this establishment and went on to name several novels he had authored. I remember, while dreaming clearly recollecting the titles of the books he had authored, however, on waking their titles flew away to be remembered no more.

In my dream I felt envious that this man could enjoy a life of ease while I worked in a 9-5 occupation. I haven’t written anything substancial for a while so perhaps my dream is telling me that I need to start scribbling again. The ocean going yacht and the country cottage beckons …

They Shall Not Pass

This morning, as usual I took my guide dog, Trigger to the park in order that he might fertilise the vegetation, (there is a wooded area away from where children congregate so his business card causes no issues)!

On the way home Trigger stopped dead in his tracks as there was a large vehicle blocking a drive which I needed to cross in order to continue on my way. “The vehicle will move out into the road once there is a gap in the traffick” I thought. However several gaps came and went but it remained immovable. I began cursing silently wondering whether I might be able to judge a break in the traffick, step off the kerb and negociate the vehicle without running the risk of ending up decorating the paint work of some ppassing car with colourful red splodges! Fortunately a man came to my rescue and assisted me to bypass the vehicle,

“Some stu …”.

“We where unloading something, sorry” my saviour said.

Oops, I wonder if he caught the gist of what I was starting to say,

“Some stupid person has parked their vehicle so that its blocking the pavement”! A Victor Meldrew moment on my part!

Amazon: Experimenting with Review Changes..?


I must admit that I haden’t picked up on the changes mentioned by Chris in his post.

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:

Amazon Review Changes

If you’ve shopped for Kindle e-books recently on or, you may have noticed some changes to the way that search results are displayed.

Or maybe not. Not all shoppers have been affected.

Apparently, Amazon is testing something out with many customers, but not all customers. That would make sense, actually. Then Amazon would have data for two groups: a control group, shopping like normal, and an experimental group, experiencing the changes.

What’s going on?

This doesn’t apply to everybody. Many customers are observing the following:

The review tally and average star rating are not showing up next to Kindle e-books in search results for many (but not all) customers.

Just to be clear:

  • Reviews are showing, but only on the product page. Normally, you see the total number of reviews and average star rating before reaching the product page, but for those who are experiencing the change, you…

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Stranger than fiction

My story, The First Time relates how Becky, a young graduate with a first class degree in English literature becomes a prostitute in order to clear her debts. The following post reminded me of an incident in The First Time where Julie, Becky’s friend and a fellow escort is asked by one of her clients to pretend to be his 14-year-old daughter. For the true account by a former working girl please visit For my story, The First Time please go to

The Man Who Saw Hell

A moving article about a member of the SAS, John Randal who entered the Nazi death camp Belsen, Randal was one of the first to enter the death camp and, not surprisingly the recollection of what he saw has remained with him for the rest of his life.

Sponsor A Guide Dog Puppy

A video from the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association about sponsoring a guide dog puppy helping to provide independence to blind people,,2A5ET,5B5CNX,89P3S,1. As a blind guide dog owner I have every reason to be grateful to Guide Dogs and those who sponsor them. I am currently on my fourth guide dog, Trigger who can be seen by clicking on my author page here,