This is a beautiful poem and I would recommend checking out Brandy’s other poems.

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Sweet fall
Come and take me away
Towards the dark womb of winter
Kill the light of summer
And chase the sun astray

Beautiful fall
Come and take me away
Towards the dark womb of November
Lay down your veil of leaves
And bless us with your shade

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The singing of a blackbird stops me dead in my tracks. Enraptured by his music I stand wallowing in beauty.

The cloak of evening softly creeps over the land. His music continues and still I stand.

“Are you OK?” a voice, as from another world asks.

“Yes” I reply.

The magic broken I go on my way.

He, later to family perhaps,

“I saw a strange man today. He stood, head cocked, listening to I know not what”.


I see you, bare feet leaving traces in the damp sand.

Lost in beauty, you watch the gulls as they wheel and cry.

The salt sea caresses your sun kissed skin.

The birds continue to scream overhead.

The sceen overpowers, your tears mingle and are lost in the great atlantic.

In my dreams I glimpse you, a girl walking along the beach.

Voice actor looking to record flash fiction… for free!


A chance for authors to have their flash fiction recorded free of charge by a professional actor.

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Hello everyone. I’ve had the following request from a Canadian voice actor who is looking to build his portfolio. If you have some flash fiction (under 1,000 words) that you would like recorded… free of charge… do let him know.


358 ElijahI am a voice actor from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
I am hoping you can help me find a few flash fiction authors that would be open to having an audio production made for them for free. I am trying to flesh out my portfolio at the moment and using flash fictions seems like an effective way to hit a few genres in a short amount of time.
I have been in numerous video games and a few technical writing works, but I have yet to narrate a short story. Finding an author that is willing to have their work transformed to audio form has proved to be a harder task…

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Autumn Wind

The wind gusting, mocking order, laughing at our pretentions. Our sterile lives shaken, purified by your mighty breath.

Like sand you slip through our fingers, beyond control. Certainties shaken. Life giver and destroyer. Bringer of freedom, turning the world upside down.