Possible Anthology To Raise Money For Guide Dogs – Update

Many thanks to everyone who expressed support for the idea of producing an anthology to raise money for the Guide Dogs For The Blind Association (http://newauthoronline.com/2014/09/17/possible-anthology-to-raise-money-for-guide-dogs/). Thanks go especially to everyone who reblogged my post and to those who have offered to provide stories for inclusion, or other forms of assistance.

I have been asked about the theme of the anthology (a perfectly reasonable question if ever there was one)! I suggest that stories in the anthology deal with interactions between dogs and humans. However I don’t wish to preclude stories about other animals either as sole characters or as part of an animal/human relationship.

I don’t yet have an editor and would be grateful if any editor who is able to offer their services free could please get in touch. As previously explained, I lack editorial expertise and do not have the capacity to produce the final product. I will, of course render any assistance possible, including liaison with Guide Dogs. However I need the assistance of an editor to progress the project.


Many thanks for everyone’s continuing support,



Possible Anthology To Raise Money For Guide Dogs

I lost the majority of my vision at around 18-months-old as a consequence of a blood clot on the brain. In my early 20’s I received my first guide dog, Nixon (no jokes about Watergate please)! And a world of enhanced mobility was opened up to me. Since Nixon I have had 3 other dogs: Zeff, Drew and now Trigger my current four legged friend!

The Guide Dogs For The Blind Association receives no money from the government (see http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/supportus/fundraising/donate#.VBnqcBZUFb0) and relies wholly on donations from individuals/organisations.

As an author and beneficiary of the work of Guide Dogs I thought it would be worthwhile to give something back by producing a book of short stories and poems with all proceeds going to GDBA. I would, of course contribute a story. I am, however lacking in editorial/proof reading expertise and (if the project turns out to be viable) would be looking for someone to donate their time free of charge as regards editorial services. I am also looking for people who would be happy to provide a story or poem, free of charge for inclusion in an anthology.

At present this is the germ of an idea which may or may not have traction. If you can help in any way please do contact me at newauthoronline (@) gmail . com (the address is rendered thus to try and defeat spammers)!

Please note that I have not contacted GDBA regarding this concept as it is, at present the mere germ of an idea.


Many thanks and kind regards,



Creative Journaling For A Writer – Guest Post By Linzé Brandon

Many thanks to Linzé Brandon for her guest post on creative journaling for a writer. For her blog please go to http://linzebrandon.blogspot.co.uk/.



Creative Journaling for a Writer

by Linzé Brandon


Most writers I know, keep a journal of some kind. I have three journals – two of them online (www.penzu.com) and another which I write by hand. There is a fourth, but it is a journal that I am keeping as a character in a series of erotic romance short stories I am busy with. Since this journal is pure fiction, I will leave that to the side for now.

You might rightly ask why three journals?

The first is a personal journal, I am sure you have one of those as well. You know that place where you vent your frustrations from the world and people around that you don’t want to share with people, since you don’t want to hurt their feelings. The place where you pen you personal dreams, fantasies and secrets. The one you don’t plan on sharing…ever. Since that is self-explanatory, I am not going say anything else on that.

The remaining two are my “writing journals”. The first is online and very handy when I have an idea in the middle of a meeting, or standing in a queue at the grocery store, or any place where using a pen and paper can be difficult. Since I always have a small notebook and a pen on hand, the Penzu smartphone app for the online site is helpful when sitting down and writing a few ideas is not possible.

This leaves the last one on my list – the handwritten journal. This is more of a self motivating slash information storing slash book ideas journal. It is also one of my favourite journaling experiences since I write it by hand with a fountain pen or a dipped pen.

While it might be old fashioned in this modern computer and smartphone driven world we live in, I find the experience of getting my journal out, unscrewing the lid on the ink, and picking a quill to write with, a relaxing experience in itself.

The experience is further enhanced by choosing a theme for decorating my journal each year. In 2013 I had butterflies all over the pages of my journal. This year words and sayings of all kinds add the colour around my handwritten words.

For 2015 year I am contemplating a few dragons to fire up my writing world!

While this might have you saying, ok, but why bother? Why not just write or make notes as part of a project?

I will let you in on a little secret: I need a more creative outlet than only writing books. Yes, writing fiction is a pleasure in itself, an outlet for my imagination and all the stories crammed into my head that are insistent on being written or they would never leave me alone.

I am also an out-of-the-closet artist. Painting and cross stitch projects are my passions too. With a full time job, and books to be written these more artistic endeavours take a back seat most of the time. So I compromised. And my handwritten writing journal is the way to satisfy, at least partially, all these creative outlets at the same time.

I add stickers, photographs, and printed and resized infographics to the journal. These are reminders of things to make me a better writer, storyteller and blogger. Constant reminders that I see almost everyday. Since adding this to my journal, the knowledge imparted is part of the enjoyable experience of keeping a journal.

I draw or sketch upon occasion, but only when the entry of the day has inspired me to do so.

As a pantser, or organic writer, I often find that the process of writing by hand forces me slow down and think about the words. As a rule I sit down and let the story I have in my head pour of me at the speed of white light.

A handwritten journal, that I use to keep track of new things I have learned, or reminders not to write in passive voice, and avoiding adverbs, has embedded these things deeper into my subconscious than would have been the case otherwise.

I do not claim that this is the answer for every writer, not even every pantser, but in my world, finding creative outlets within a schedule that barely allows for time to do anything more than work, write, eat and sleep, is a bonus any time.

Do I write everyday? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, I write words everyday, email, blog posts, entries into whichever journal is on hand, but no, not everyday is spent writing fiction.

Not all writers enjoy other creative hobbies, but for me finding ways to be creative will always include more than writing my next fantasy or sci-fi story.

Look out for more articles and ideas on Creative Journaling for Everyone on my blog in October.



Author Profile:
Teaching herself to read before she went to school, it was the start of her life long love affair with books. Trained as an engineer, Linzé has worked as an export consultant and is presently a project manager at a company that designs and manufactures products for the military industry. Although she still loves to read, she also enjoys counted stitch embroidery, archery, fly fishing, painting abstracts, her husband’s medal winning photographs and watching Manchester United play.


She is one of the moderators of the Google+ group, Writer’s Rabbit Hole, and leads the Pretoria Writers Group, consisting of ten members, seven of which are published authors in various genres.


Linzé Brandon lives in Pretoria, South Africa, with her engineer husband and German Shepherds who are convinced that the world revolves only around them.


Follow Linzé online:

Blog (Butterfly on a Broomstick) http://www.linzebrandon.blogspot.com
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Book Links


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“You are such a baby Charles” Anna said giving her husband a playful punch on the arm.

“You know I hate hospitals. The smell of disinfectant masking the scent of death” Charles replied with a shudder.

Anna’s smile disappeared, “You are really worried about this aren’t you darling?” she said pulling Charles close.

“Surely you remember what happened last time I went into hospital?” Charles asked snuggling up close to Anna. The scent of her hair, fragrant with apple shampoo calmed his jangled nerves.

“No darling, I don’t think you told me about it” Anna replied.

“I must have done!” Charles said, his whole body beginning to shake afreshe at the recollection.

Anna stroked her husband’s cheek, “I don’t remember, sorry darling. What happened?” she asked.

“You remember when that bloody jack Russell bit me and I had to go into hospital?” Charles said.

“How could I forget there was blood everywhere. You really ought to have made a complaint to the police and had the animal destroyed. It could have been a child rather than you”, Anna said.

“Thanks a bunch! So its OK if I get bitten but not if a kid gets savaged?” Charles said.

“No, and you know that isn’t what I meant!” Anna said.

“Sorry darling, my nerves are all over the place. I know that isn’t what you meant”, Charles said.

“You are forgiven”, Anna said ruffling her husband’s hair.

“As I was saying, I went into hospital and the nurse gave me an injection, I think they call it antitetanus, to kill anything that dirty little mut might have given me. Before leaving I popped into the loo and”, Charles stopped his face turning ashen.

“What did you find sweetheart?” Anna asked massaging her husband’s neck, (she knew how it helped to relax him).

“I opened the toilet door. There was this man leaning over the sink. At first I thought he had just been sick. Then I saw the blood. It was everywhere. The poor man had literally coughed his guts up and was stone cold dead. What a way to die”, Charles said, his whole frame starting to shake anew.

“Oh Charles. You never told me. I can’t imagine how upsetting that must have been. You don’t have to go you know”, Anna said.

“Its important. They are short of blood. I want to donate”, Charles replied.

“Would you like me to go with you?” Anna asked.

“No darling. You have an interview for that teaching job, Charles said.

“You are more important than a bloody job. I’ll see if the school can reschedule”, Anna said.

“No, that would be very unprofessional. I will be fine darling, honestly”, Charles said.



Charles tried to concentrate on the newspaper. It was no good, he kept seeing the bloodless face of that corpse propped up against the hand basin.

“Charles Craven please”, the receptionist said.

Shakily Charles got to his feet and walked through into a small room. The whiteness of the walls perfectly complimented the palor of Charles’s face.

“Please take a seat. Make yourself comfortable”, a young woman in a white coat said with a smile.

Charles gazed mesmerised at the woman’s blood red lips and her ever so perfect white teeth. They where, he thought unusually long and pointed. In fact more like the fangs he had seen on wolves when watching wildlife documentaries.

“You may feel a little prick”, she said advancing on him, the light reflecting of those perfect, sharp teeth.

Anyone Fancy Spam For Breakfast?

Until very recently all of the spam I received was for older posts on my blog. However the spammers are now commenting on articles which have only recently appeared here. Fortunately most of the junk is caught by the WordPress filters but the odd spam comment slips through the net and ends up in my inbox to await it’s swift dispatch to my site’s spam folder.

Most spam comments are glaringly obvious, being marked out as junk by terrible grammar, poor sentence construction and spelling which ought to have the spammer confined to the stocks and pelted with rotten eggs. Come to think of it generators of junk should be put in the stocks as a matter of course irrespective of their ability to spell. So who’s going to throw the first egg? Form an orderly queue please and no pushing!

Featured Image -- 1900



I will be writing to Facebook asking that they remove this sick video. As Chris points out in his comment above those who abuse animals are very likely to go on to abuse children. In very specific circumstances graphic imagery may be appropriate to highlight the issue of animal cruelty and to stop it happening. For example the RSPCA sometimes uses upsetting pictures to bring animal cruelty to the attention of the general public. However videos of the kind posted on Facebook should be removed and the IP address of the perpetrator handed to the authorities.

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog..... An Author Promotions Enterprise!:

To say I’m upset is very, VERY understated!!!!!

To see WHY click in the Buzzfeed link below:

http://www.buzzfeed.com/rossalynwarren/facebook-refuses-to-remove-a-video-of-a-kitten-being-set-on Sent from the BuzzFeed app

I’m normally peaceful, but right now I’d like to get hold of the young ‘persons’ directly involved AND the Facebook ‘persons’ who made the decision to leave it on Facebook.


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