No Writing 6-11 July 2015

I will be taking a break from writing from 6-11 July. Well I won’t be posting here. My brain will, however still be turning over ideas regarding stories and poems for it is, in my experience impossible for the author to wholly switch off even when on holiday. I may post again prior to 6 July but, failing that I look forward to seeing you all on or around 11 July.



The Writer’s Curse

The candles shone on the girl’s long black hair, which cascaded over her slim bare shoulders. Angela had chosen the expensive strapless dress with great care, after all it isn’t often that a young woman is invited out to dinner in what is, by many considered to be the capital’s top restaurant and with one of London’s leading celebrities to boot.

“Thank you for the meal”, she said fixing her soft brown eyes on those of her companion, “the food was wonderful”.

Angela’s companion heard not a word, for he was engrossed in the conversation of the couple seated on the adjacent table.

“Now how could I use that exchange without being sued?” the writer mused.



The sunlight danced on the becalmed sea. Children’s laughter, including that of her own 2 kids, Molly and John, reached Jessica where she sat on the beach towel.

“Mummy, mummy, play with me”, said Molly, tugging at Jessica’s hand. So intent on her musings had Jessica been that she had failed to notice the approach of her daughter.

“Mummy’s busy dear” Jessica said returning to her writing.

“The sunlight danced upon the becalmed sea. The excited squeals of children playing happily in the waves reached the girl as she lay on her beach towel”, Jessica wrote.


Answers every Retail worker wants to give


This is a great post and obviously comes from the heart. Many retail workers put up with a great deal from customers. However the interaction between store employee and customer cuts both ways.
Retail worker to me: “Can I help you?”
Me: “No, I have just been standing in this queue for the last 10 minutes purely for the good of my health”.
Particularly stupid store security guard to me: “Is that a guide dog?”
Me: “No, I am pretending to be blind and dress my dog up in his distinctive white harness purely for the fun of the thing”.
I have never, I hasten to add said these things, however stupidity does cut both ways.

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Dumb Customer

Q: “Excuse me, do you work here?”

A: “No, I absolutely love this mass produced, sweat box uniform, so I just wear it for the crack.  Also, I love voluntarily getting on my knees in random stores and helping out obnoxious, rude people for free.”

Matrix Prices

Q: “How much is this?”

A: “Hmm, I don’t know.  Let me just consult my onboard computer and access my worldwide price App that I have built in.  I had no idea I looked like a walking price-list, I must talk to my plastic surgeon.”


Q: “Where are the toilets?”

A: “Well, if you follow the huge directional signs that this particular company has spent thousands of pounds on perfecting to ensure people like you can find them, it’ll take you right there.  I know, I know, its extremely silly of me to think that you could lift your head and look for yourself.”

stupid and rude


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Oft he sought the perfect rose,

Enjoyed the flower where it grows.

Soon he found the blooms did pall,,

His dalliances they turn to gall.

Still he after pleasure strove,

Clutched noisome blossoms to his nose.

Thorns they speared him through the heart,

Still his desire did not depart.

They found him lying on a bed cold,

In his hand a fading rose.