Said Hooray Henry to Henrietta

Said Hooray Henry to Henrietta
“Did you receive my love letter?
It was written in latin and greek
For I can speak
Both as you can see.
I have a first class degree
From Oxford. Oh do say that you will join me on the Charwell
For who can tell
What may happen, as we punt along
Singing a boating song”.

Said Henrietta,
“I did receive your love letter.
I too can speak
Latin and greek.
But my dear
I fear
That I have been untrue
To you,
With the gamekeeper Foil.
He may be a hoary old man of toil,
But he’s a dab hand with the massage oil …



We are born
In naked innocence.
Soon, as man grows
He goes
To the expense of clothes,
As he is from his innocence torn.

We are obsessed
With dress.
A girl’s short skirt
Causes a man to flirt
And desire to Perceive
As she was in Paradise,
(But now in vice)
For tis impossible to recreate
Eden’s state.

Perchance the serpent thinks
As he drinks
From the fountain of love,
Of how he fell,
As star dust
From the sky above,
Into this heaven, this hell,
And now is bound
All around,
With what some call love, and others lust

Money Oils The Wheels Of Love

Money oils the wheels of love.
Hand in glove
They go,
But no
Tis not true love. Tis a pale imitation,
A desolation, an invitation
For mocking laughter.

But after
The mirth dies,
The mocker secretly sighs
Over a girls’s perfect thighs
As he curses a rich guys luck
And thinks “I shall forever be stuck
In this rut
Where it is easy to be judgmental,
While the unsentimental
Rich man can
Buy the eye
Of many a wench.

Money’s stench
Is foul in my nose
But who knows,
Had I the cash
What actions rash
I might take
For the sake
Of a girl’s passing blue eyes
And her empty thighs”.

There was an elderly general called Lot (part 2)

There was an elderly general named Lot
Who recovered from having been shot.
On returning to his plain, old wife
He remarked “upon my own dear life,
Would that he had been a better shot!”

Results of the competition to win a signed print copy of “My Old Clock I Wind” by K Morris

I am pleased to announce that Jaye Tomas is the winner of the above competition.

Congratulations to Jaye who wins a signed copy of my collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind”.

You can visit Jaye’s blog here,

The question asked was, which novel begins as follows:
“1801.–I have just returned from a visit to my landlord–the solitary neighbour that I shall be troubled with”.

The answer is “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte.

For anyone who hasn’t read this excellent novel, I strongly recommend doing so. I recently took down my four-volume braille edition and greatly enjoyed re-reading this dark and tempestuous novel.

There are many electronic versions of “Wuthering Heights” available (the novel has long been out of copyright).

You can find one such version here,

To find out about “My Old Clock I Wind” please visit,