There Was A Young Man Called Hogg

There was a young man called Hogg
Who kept a very large dog.
When people asked “does it bite?”
He replied “he might,
But not if your name it is hogg!”

There was a young man called Hogg
Who kept a very large dog.
They went out in the pitch black
And never came back.
I surmise they got lost in a bog.

There was a young man called Hogg
Who kept a very large dog.
They went out one night
And got quite a fright
From the crocodile disguised as a log …!

What is Poetry?

An interesting question. Where does poetry become poetic prose, and at what point is it simple prose rather than poetry or poetic prose? I dont have a hard and fast answer to this question. Much of my own poetry rhymes. However I dont believe poetry has to rhyme to be construed as such. Kevin

Inside the Mind of Davy D

What is poetry blog

Sitting at a barbeque, at the weekend, a guest turned to me and said “I hear you’re a poet.”

A conversation ensued which led to me showing her the Inside the Mind of Davy D blog.

After a short while browsing on her phone, she turned to me and whispered,
“That’s not poetry, it’s just words and pictures……………. and it doesn’t even rhyme.”

Before we got to the “How many books have you published?” question I thanked her for the feedback and went and got another glass of Malbec.

In fairness, she had a point and raised a good question, what is poetry?

Standard dictionary definitions show poetry as;

1. The art or craft of writing verse.
2. Literature written in meter; verse.
3. Prose that resembles a poem in some respect, as in form or sound.
4. Poetic qualities, spirit or feeling in anything.

Ask five poets to define…

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Many thanks to Pax Et Dolor Magazine for publishing my poem “Fire”. Kevin

Pax Et Dolor Magazine

By:- Kevin Morris

I have felt the fire’s power

It kindles brightly and sinks within the hour.

I have watched the embers dying fast

Looked into the future and gazed into the past

I have raked the ashes cold

Felt the bleakness in my soul

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Note: The copyrights on the article belong to the author. The responsibility for the opinions expressed in the article belongs exclusively to the author.

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Night Duty; Guest post by Kevin Morris

Many thanks to Roberta for publishing my poem, “Night Duty” as a guest post on her website. Kevin

Roberta Pimentel

The click clack of stilettos.

Girls from ghettos

Feet are lost

In carpets they could never afford,

While a discreet board

Shows the cost

Of most things.

The lift bell pings.

What goes up must go down.

The receptionist, eyes lost in her book

Gives a slight frown.

Why bother to look?

For of course

A nod is as good as a wink

To a blind horse.

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An Elderly Man Of The World Looks Back

When young
Caution he flung
For he knew from the start,
In the secret recesses of his heart
They would not stay,
(The girls out for fun,
After whom he did run).

There is no disgrace
In the chase
He thought
But why court
When a sort
Of love is so easily bought?

They came and went.
His heart was rent
As money he spent
On an attachment
To a kind of detachment
Which led …

Now in old age
He does uselessly rage
At the phantoms who dance
In a parrady of romance
Upon the stage
Of his own creation.
His anticipation Has turned to dust
Aleviated only by occasional flowerings of lust.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Write For Fame and Fortune #SundayBlogShare #Writer

Number 10 particularly resonated with me, “True writers don’t think about the destination of their work. They are too busy falling in love with their writing during the journey”.



Ever questioned why you write?

Ever wondered why you spend hours and hours slaving away over a piece of writing?

If your answer is “because I want to be rich and famous!” – check out my list below.

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