There Was A Young Lady Named Hocking

There was a young lady named Hocking
Who wore a single stocking.
She went down town
Her sorrows to drown.
The bishop found it shocking!


From “Refractions”

“The Poet And The Workman” can be found in my collection of poetry, “Refractions”. Refractions is available from Amazon and can be found in the Kindle store here,

Poet: “Why do you dig a hole my good man?”
Workman: “Because I can,
While those who are not able
Sit at a table,
Wasting time
Trying to make their verses rhyme!”

Poet: “I have a plan
To make my lines scan.
Kindly move your van
And I will be on my way
To versify the livelong day”.

“Workman: Why bless my soul
This poet droll
So intent was he on his goal
Of writing verse,
That the man’s fallen into that there hole,
To be a rhymer is most perverse!”

What a Poetry Reviewer looks for

Emma Lee's Blog

I recently came across a suggestion that self-published poetry books could be seen as lacking credibility or editorial rigour. That’s not my experience as a reviewer. It’s fair to say a self-published poet is more likely to make a negative comment about my review, but that’s usually because a self-published poet places more importance on reviews than they deserve.

What does a Poetry Reviewer look for?

  • Poet’s name – not because established poets get a more favourable reaction but because if I’ve seen the name before as someone getting regularly published in poetry magazines (regardless of how many poetry books they have or haven’t published), then the poems in the book are more likely to be of a good standard.
  • Publisher – not because of a bias towards certain publishers but just to see whether the book is self, vanity or traditionally published. At this stage it’s about production values…

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The Competition To Win Free Audio Downloads of “My Old Clock I Wind” Is Now Open To UK Audible Subscribers

On 7 December, I announced a competition to win 2 free copies of the audio version of my collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind”.

The competition remains open to users and I am pleased to announce that a further 2 (free) audio downloads are now available to listeners,

To enter the competition, please send an email to newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com. Please put “competition to win an audio download” in the subject line.

The first 2 people to email me will receive a promotional code enabling them to download “My Old Clock I Wind” FREE.

Please note, codes only work on the UK site and codes only work on the US website. However listners not based in either the UK or USA may still use a promotional code (provided that the code is used on the site for which it was issued). So, for example a person resident in Australia can not use a promotional code for or on the Australian site ( They may, however go to either or and use the code (making sure that their browser does not redirect them to the Australian Audible site). This may entail opening a new account on either or

A relative resident in Australia was able to download “My Old Clock” by going to (despite the attempts of his browser to redirect him to!

The above is somewhat confusing for which I apologise! If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many A Life Is Undone In The Pursuit Of Fun

Many a life is undone
In the pursuit of fun.
We may turn and run
From the fact
Of an act
And the sun
Will continue to shine.

But, in the dark
The truth stark
Reveals that every fine
Passes away
For delight
Must end in night.


“Hark the herald angels sing”
The Salvation Army band play
As I walk through Victoria station today.

The thing
Is that I want to believe.
The music half carries me away
And I grieve
That I can not pray
Other than in a formulistic way
Where words are heard by none but me.
Or (o distant hope
That helps men cope)
Perhaps by a being
(All seeing)
Who I can not understand
Let alone command.