I Am Overly Introspective

“I am very proud, revengeful, ambitious, with more offences at my beck than I have thoughts to put them in, imagination to give them shape, or time to act them in. What should such fellows as I do crawling between earth and heaven? We are arrant knaves, all. Believe none of us”.
(“Hamlet”, Act 3, Scene 1).


I Heard A Rumour Today

I heard a rumour today
That yet another part
Of England’s heart
Is about to pass away.

More flats be built
Where once there stood
A pub?

Shall beer and wine
Be replaced by the bottom line?
The drunkards now sing
But profit is king.

I see the open fire as I write
The coals all alight
And almost feel it’s blaze.
Shall profit’s craze
Erase all?

Let us raise a pint to the identikit
World into which we all must fit,
Where the suited and booted
Discuss the bottom line
While sipping their overpriced wine.

Of course it may not be true
In this particular case,
But England’s face
Is changing nonetheless.

My mistress’s green dress
Is frayed.
her lovers have strayed
– And the brewry’s bills must be paid

There Was A Young Milkmaid Named Howe

There was a young milkmaid named Howe
Who owned an extremely large cow.
A young man called Mike
Said “come ride on my bike”.
But the poor girl didn’t know how!

The Judge And The Prisoner

The judge put the black cap upon his head
And looking at the prisoner in the dock said,
“You are guilty of the slaughter
Of mother, son, father and daughter.
Down the years
You have provoked countless tears
And you shall pay
For your crimes today.

We have drugs that will keep you under control.
You have had your final soul.
I sentence you to perpetual irrelevance.
Now go you hence!”.

The Grim Reaper bowed his knee
And said “so shall it be.
I leave you in the hands of my good friend
Tedium Eternal, for death is at an end …”.

“Trash Girl” defies bullies for her environmental actions and is honoured in a superhero cartoon

Life & Soul Magazine

A 12-year-old school girl, who has been picking up trash along the two-mile route to and from school and collecting it in the basket of her bike, is defying the bullies that have named her “Trash Girl” and is now encouraging the world to pick up litter.

Nadia Sparkes from Norwich, began the litter-picking mission last year. She took to cleaning up litter after being shocked by the number of discarded cans and bottles she saw as she cycled to and from school in Hellesdon.

In spite of children throwing things at Nadia Sparkes and calling her “trash girl”, she has not backed down in her efforts to help protect and preserve the planet, and has even embraced the name, Trash Girl.

Nadia Sparkes said: “I’m not going to stop doing the right thing because of them, and if they are going to call me trash girl, they can say it with respect.

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A Call for Submissions: Future Poems!

Suzannah Evans

future-subsRead the call for submissions on the Emma Press website and SUBMIT YOUR POEMS!

I’m really excited to be working with the amazing Emma Press, whose themed and illustrated anthologies are such things of beauty, as well as dry-witted fellow apocalyptician (that’s a mixture between apocalypse and magician and I’m not sure it works) Tom Sastry on this anthology. We want your poems about the future, whatever kind of future that might be: dystopian, utopian, one where we’re at the mercy of our robot overlords. Or what’s happening next week, or what to do with your life. Or a combination of any / many of these things.

You’ve got until April 1st to make your submission and I’m really looking forward to reading all the poems we receive, and even more to creating an anthology of them.

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