Living in Wonderland

I have written previously regarding the pitfalls of self-publishing using the services of a self-publishing company (see I contrasted the eas with which I published my first collection of short stories, “The Girl At The Bus Stop And Other Erotic Short Stories”, without having to pay a penny using Amazon, with the difficulties I am experiencing in attempting to publish “The First Time” employing the facilities of a self-publishing company.

I feel like Alice In Wonderland. Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Submissions Manager of the company who are self-publishing “The First Time” asking that I return the signed contract. The lady in question had some 4 weeks prior to sending her e-mail confirmed receipt of the contract and taken my credit card payment. I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or throw my toys out of the pram. I chose to do none of these things and responded politely reminding the company that I had returned the contract and made payment. I’ve received an apology and been informed that the proof of my book should be with me by the end of the week (I’ve heard that before unfortunately so I am to put it mildly a wee bit sceptical.

Prior to using the company in question I took the precaution of Googling them with the result that no negative feedback reared it’s ugly head. It just goes to show that one can research matters until you are blue in the face and still find that you have been sold a pup. I am now at the point of thinking that if I don’t receive the proof of my manuscript by Friday that I will request the return of my money and publish “The First Time” on Amazon.


(For details of my book “The Girl At The Bus Stop And Other Erotic Short Stories” please see


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