Why likes on Facebook shouldn’t matter

This young woman makes an important point about not allowing social media (particularly Facebook) to rule our lives.

Consumed by words

I know you are probably going to ignore this post of mine or let’s just say that you wouldn’t even care to have a look because I don’t fall into your list of  ‘the popular ones’. (Not that I care a bit.) But I would appreciate if you take a minute of your precious life and read this.

One year back, I decided to do the most difficult thing, that was to stop using Facebook. At all. Yes (considering that I was addicted to it). Since I started using social media, my life was ruled by the amount of likes or comments I got on facebook. I let it affect me so much that I was slowly slipping into a shithole. I stopped interacting with people around me, became anti-social in real life while I made thousands of friends virtually. I started feeling hollow that there was nothing more to…

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