“The Oak” by Dawn D

Thank you to Dawn D for kind permission to reproduce her poem, “The Oak”. The below is copyright and may not be reproduced without the explicit permission of Dawn D. Dawn’s blog is currently private. You can, however contact Dawn to request access.

The Oak

Die Eiche

Ich bin die Eiche.
Ich bin das Eichhörnchen, ich bin der Vogel, die in dieser Eiche leben.
Ich bin die Frau, die unter dieser Eiche vergewaltigt wurde.
Ich bin der Mann, der ab dieser Eiche gehängt wurde.
Ich bin der Wind, der durch die Blätter dieser Eiche fließt.
Es gibt keine Zeit, nur Ewigkeit.
Ich bin frei, ich bin stark. Ich bin Ich!

The oak

I am the oak.
I am the squirrel, I am the bird, that live in that oak.
I am the woman who got raped under that oak.
I am the man who got hung from that oak.
I am the wind that flows through the leaves of that oak.
There is no time, only eternity.
I am free, I am strong. I am Me!

(For the original post please visit, https://dawnsnight.wordpress.com/2014/02/05/poetry-2/).

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3 thoughts on ““The Oak” by Dawn D

  1. Dawn D

    I received a few requests which I’ve had to deny. I don’t know if they came from here, but…

    I probably should have mentioned that there is a reason I am private, and that I don’t grant access to just anyone. Which means that if you send me a request, I’ll check you out. If you have a blog, I’ll read some of it. If you don’t and I don’t know you, then I won’t grant access. I’m sorry, but it’s the way this thing has to be for me at the moment.

    So if you want access, drop me a line in reply to this comment, and we can take it from there, once I’ve ascertained you’re really who you claim to be 🙂


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