Just let go, go, go

The writer makes some excellent points. It is all to easy to get caught up in social media rather than living (and enjoying) life. Kevin


When was the last time you printed the photos on your camera? How about the last time you took a picture without thinking of social media? These questions have been in my mind for a while and today I would like to share my views on it.

Social media is taking over us and we need to stop this. Sometimes letting go is just the healthiest option. Letting go for your good. A lot of us are not realising but social media is becoming an obsession, something dangerous, something it really isn’t worthy of.

Next time you go to a restaurant, try and enjoy your food without feeling the need to take a picture. Next time you go on a journey, enjoy every moment without needing to snapchat it, without needing to view your surroundings through a lens. Look at it nakedly, barely.

We need to stop distancing ourselves from reality,wake…

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