The Rewrite

Behind the White Coat

She did not know why she had lied about it.

Perhaps because she was trapped?

The man held her down, his breath stinking of alcohol. It made her eyes burn as he panted and grunted so close to her face. She had no more fight left. So she let him do what he had to do. When he passed out she locked herself in the bathroom and cried. Her hands shook as she tried to clean his seed out of her.

Please, God.

But her mother always told her that God does not listen to harlots. A month later there was a thin blue line next to a pink one.

What is more shameful? Carrying the child of a man you did not love or carrying a child conceived in such a way?

She lay next to him in the dim light of evening and wove her words around theā€¦

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