Hell is empty and all the devils are here



Last night
14th of July, Bastille Day — when my country celebrates the day the People took back control, got rid of the monarchy and inherited privileges — a day which represents Freedom.

Families, fireworks, freedom
and a single lone truck
mowing people down
hitting at random
leaving a trail of blood
on the road
The promenade becomes
a crime zone
innocent people thrown
everywhere, like rag dolls

What kind of an animal
targets a crowd full of children

I forced myself
to look
at the carnage
crudely orchestrated by some savage

Why shield my eyes
when I can’t shield my mind?
So, I look
It’s horrific
My heart falters and pleads: no more!

I am still in shock
but mainly
I am angry
furious, actually
I am seething
Enough is enough is enough
Leave France & Freedom alone
you sick fanatic fucks
You’ll never…

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