Broken Crown

HarsH ReaLiTy


I watched a teardrop hanging in the sky.

Filled with emotion of the moment, it desperately fought not to die.

I found myself wondering how long it could last.

How long before it fell with a splash?

The finality of that tear’s life dawned on me.

Created with borrowed emotion just to be.

How sad is a life never lived.

And yet a teardrop never truly lives.

An emotional chandelier created from released sadness.

A sparkling crown forever falling down.

Teardrops forming broken crowns.

How they shatter without a sound.




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6 thoughts on “Broken Crown

  1. Aishwarya

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. A teardrop is such a big part of life. It’s gratifying to see it finally being given that importance. Have a great day ahead.


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