I am working on a further collection of my poetry

I am in the process of compiling a further collection of my poetry. This is, on the face of it an easy task. There are many poems, consequently it’s simply a question of pulling them together in a single volume. Well not quite, for there are a number of issues which I need to address prior to pressing that “publish button:

1. What criteria ought I to employ when choosing poems for inclusion? I could (as mentioned above) simply include all the poems written since the publication of my previous collection, “Lost in the Labyrinth of My Mind”, (http://moyhill.com/lost/). However, while I am happy with all the poems on this site, newauthoronline.com (I wouldn’t have allowed them to go live where this not the case), I don’t believe that each and every one of my poems is worthy of inclusion in a new collection, at least not in their current form.
I could make my determination on the basis of “likes”, including those poems which have attracted the most “likes” and/or comments. This is the approach which, broadly speaking will be adopted by me, for, in general the pieces receiving the most “likes” are my favourite poems and are, in my view most worthy of inclusion. However there are other poems which (while having received fewer “likes” are of special importance to me and will, on this basis be included. While public appreciation of one’s work is a wonderful thing and I am extremely grateful to each and everyone of my readers who likes and comments on my work, in the final analysis I write for myself rather than to please (or displease)! An audience. If the poet (or any writer for that matter) becomes a slave to the preferences of his readership he (or she is lost.

2. Which publishing platform should I use? I will certainly use Kindle to distribute the ebook version of my forthcoming collection. For all Amazon’s problems/issues (and it has quite a few), the company remains, in my view the most effective mechanism for distributing ebooks. In addition to the ebook I will be producing a print edition. Many readers still prefer hard copy books and having spoken to a number of young readers (in their late teens or early 20’s) I know the love of traditional books is not confined to the middle-aged and older generations.
I will, of course keep you posted on the collection’s progress.

Finally I would like to close by saying a big thank you to all my readers/followers. Your comments and “likes” help to keep me writing.



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