The Writer’s Itch To Share Their Creative Work #SundayBlogShare #writers #writer

Will my words fly like a beautiful bird to the moon, or sink like a led balloon to be forgotten all to soon …


The Writer's Itch To Share Their Creative Work

Have you ever had a powerful itch to share something you have created or written…and then post sharing spiralled into writer panic mode?

Perhaps it wasn’t your best work or it was something very different to what you have done before and you were nervous about how it would be received? Maybe you are like me and just get carried away with the excitement of showing the world your literary wares and then crying about it later?

The itch to sharetheir creative work can vary amongst writers.

Some writers will only experience a tiny itch – it will take the form of a faint voice in the back of their mind saying “maybe I should share this short story or poem that I have just written?” After a strong coffee and a deep breath these sensible writers will dismiss the urge to share and go back to their creative…

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