Jeremy Bentham’s Push Pin Theory

prachi jain

The Founder of Utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham once said, ” All poetry is misrepresentation.”   Pretty utilitarian concept in my opinion! How many of us who are passionate about reading and writing think this could be true? That poetry is nothing but words dressed in their Sunday best. In an age where STEM subjects get the bulk of attention in academics, poetry might be considered by some as masquerades to hide the truth.  Scientists and Mathematicians might not be moved by rows of daffodils or the many ways to love or the rolling hills or plight of a black woman running from her white molesters or even factual details of wars. But whatever garb poetry wears, its body is made up of facts from daily lives.

So is poetry an impassioned truth or is poetry misrepresentation? It depends on who you ask this question. But according to Bentham a game…

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