Dogs Dream About Their Owners

A recently published study indicates that it is likely that dogs dream about their owners and that large dogs dream for longer than smaller canines.
The results of this study do not surprise me. I am now working with my fourth guide dog and have, from a young age grown up around dogs. Dogs wag their tails and perform other activities, such as running, growling or yelping while asleep. It is therefore logical (to my mind at least) to assume that our four-legged friends can (and do) dream. Anyone who has grown up around dogs will have observed them growling while asleep which indicates that they (like us) also experience nightmares.


8 thoughts on “Dogs Dream About Their Owners

  1. Victoria Zigler (@VictoriaZigler)

    I always thought it was the case. My Westie, Kero, used to twitch his paws as though running in his sleep. He would also whine in his sleep sometimes, and would then wake up suddenly and practically throw himself at me as though desperate for comfort, only calming down after I’d petted and cuddled him for a few minutes. I always said it was just like a toddler looking for comfort from a parent after a bad dream.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks for your comments. I think you are right, that your dog was dreaming about chasing something, perhaps a squirrel. I live close to a park and my flat overlooks both this together with an historic garden so there is plenty of wildlife for my dog to observe and dream about! Again, I’m sure you are correct, that cats dream. In fact I think most animals probably do so. Enjoy your Sunday. Kevin


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