Have a care
For oft times despair
Comes upon a man unaware
And does him hold
In it’s cold
And empty stare.

(This poem was composed on 10 November 2016. I did consider whether it should be longer. However where it to be of greater duration, I would, perforce have had more to say. I did not, for the feeling of despair has no expression other than a sense of cold and blank emptiness. Consequently to say more would have been to employ words for the sake of employing them.
This poem came to me in the wee small hours. I did not (and do not) feel despair’s great weight pressing down on me. Many of us have, however felt the deadness that constitutes despair at some point in our lives).

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2 thoughts on “Despair

  1. Harry Writes

    I think your poem is of the right length. In a way, I think right now it’s best to be as succinct as possible. “Cut out the crap,” if you excuse my crudeness, aha.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Many thanks for your comment. I am pleased you like my poem and approve of it’s lenghth. I believe that long poems have their place. Ultimately it comes down to whether the poet requires a greater (or lesser) duration in which to express him or herself. Verbosity for verbositys sake is, obviously a bad thing. There are, however some wonderful long poems out there (Keats “Ode to a Nightingale” for example. Best wishes. Kevin


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