Evening Walk

Strolling through Bushy park.
In the Autumn dark.
The sound of a deer
Very near
Warning my dog to steer clear.
Other animals peacefully feed.
My dog, on the lead
Can not read
The disquiet of the first one
And trots excitedly on
With my friend and I,
Perhaps wondering why
He can not play
With this unfamiliar prey.

Reaching Hampton Court, we wander about this historic place.
Commerce’s face
Does not despoil the grace
Of the palace by night.
I think of Henry the eighth
When no man was safe
And heads fell down
When the King did frown.

Tomorrow the visitors will return.
I wonder will they discern
What I perceive,
A place full of vanished pomp and state
Where Ann Boleyn does grieve
And she, and other ghosts wait.
But it is getting late
And my friend and I repair to the pub
For English ale, and good old-fashioned grub.

On Saturday 12 November I took a walk through Bushy Park with my friend Brian (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bushy_Park). Our stroll took us as far as Hampton Court (http://www.hrp.org.uk/hampton-court-palace/#gs.YOB2cdI). It being after 5 pm when we reached this historic place, the palace itself was closed although we where able to wander about the grounds in the growing gloom.


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