A Place to Relax

As a writer, I try to keep one room in my flat free of technology (so far as that is possible in today’s increasingly connected world). The majority of my writing occurs in my spare room which, when guests come to stay reverts to it’s original purpose as a place where the weary may lay their sleeping heads. The room contains 2 large bookcases, a desk, bed and a wardrobe. On my desk sits a laptop.
I rarely move the laptop into either the master bedroom or the living room as I believe it is important to separate my relaxation time from that spent writing. While the living room contains a television and a hi-fi system, my bedroom has no technology other than a rather ancient talking alarm clock. Apart from the furniture one would expect to see in any bedroom, my place of rest also contains a tall bookcase containing my favourite books. Apart from it’s obvious function as a place for me to sleep, the bedroom is, in many ways my sanctum, the spot where I can relax away from technology, read and, of course “wrap up the ravelled sleeve of care”.
While I do often read in the comfort of my living room, the presence of the television can act as a distraction, hence my liking for the bedroom where technology rarely enters. Our heads are so full of information (much of it fed into it by technology in it’s various forms) that having a retreat where one can be apart from the distractions of the online world and television is, in my view vital to a balanced life. Do I always achieve this balance? The honest answer is no. However having a place where I can recharge my batteries (oops one can not escape from technology) undoubtedly helps me to relax and switch off (so far as that is possible) from my writing.


8 thoughts on “A Place to Relax

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Thanks Tess. I sometimes regret the birth of the internet and mobiles although (obviously) I wouldn’t be responding to your comment now had it not been invented! Technology is a huge boon but often we seem to let what should be our servant become our master.

  1. Victoria Zigler (@VictoriaZigler)

    My bedroom is the most technology free place in the house too. It contains more technology than yours, since I have a small stereo in there that I use for audiobooks, and will take my Kindle in there if the book I want to read is one I have on that. But beyond that, all my bedroom contains is the typical bedroom furniture, a fan, a battery powered alarm clock in the shape of an apple, a small insence holder decorated with tactile moons and stars, and a selection of wooden and metal brainteaser puzzles I often fiddle with when the reading I do isn’t in braille (which, I must confess, is the case most of the time, since I have quite a small collection of braille books). Like with you, it’s the place I go to relax, free from the distractions of TV or the internet.

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Ah, I forgot about my Kindle. I, as with you will sometimes use mine in the bedroom. Thanks for sharing how you relax Tori. Incidentally my talking alarm clock is square with a big, round yellow button on top. Kevin

      1. Victoria Zigler (@VictoriaZigler)

        I had a talking alarm clock like that, but I dropped it on a concrete floor by accident and it didn’t work properly after that. Actually, I was lucky it worked at all after that. Anyway, when I was looking for a new one I found the apple shaped ones and just couldn’t resist. I ended up getting two of them… The second one is on my computer desk.

      2. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

        I hope that you dont sleep walk and mistake your apple clock for the real thing and start munching on it! Your clock sounds intriguing. I must have owned mine for well over 10 years. Kevin

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