The Owl and the Nightingale – A Medieval Poem


The Owl and the Nightingale is a late 12th/early 13th century Middle English poem, those with little practice reading in Middle English can understand it, but there are various translations online as well as printed ones. This poem has a mysterious authorship, which I will go into later, but for now, there is no knowledge of a confirmed author.

The poem is about, would you believe it, an owl and a nightingale, they are having a debate about whose song is superior, which, inevitably leads to a full of fight, with insults being thrown by the nightingale, and logic being used to devise answers by the owl. This part sounds quite normal for us; we would expect an owl to be logical because owls have a long tradition of being wise creatures. The nightingale’s song is shrill, and although I quite like it, could very easily be interpreted as insulting language…

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