Self Publish! It Can’t Get Any Worse

An interesting piece which just goes to show that well established publishing houses can make significant mistakes with author’s work.

New London Writers

A friend, who knows I have been self-publishing my books since 1990, handed me a short article from Die Zeit. This is a German weekly, normally too heavy to lift with one hand – perhaps equivalent to The Observer, except it appears Thursdays for some obscure reason. The article was by Harald Martenstein, senior editor at the Tagespiegel. He is an author, with 17 titles to his name, through four publishers. I regret I have never read anything by him, apart from the two-column article of about 600 words. Here is the gist of his crie de coeur, (not a translation).

Book number one, he made a novice’s mistake. Stressed by other things, he assumed the proofs of his forthcoming book, wouldn’t need reading. Surely, an editor from the publishing house had done that. When he received his copies of the book, he discovered 350 errors (put in by the…

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