Death and Rebirth.3.

These dry
Leaves do not die.
They become one with the earth.
A derth
Of green
Is seen,
Then a rebirth,
The old, in the new
Takes root
And does heavenwards shute.
The past, present and future one may see
In the mighty tree,
While you and me
Pass by
With a sigh
As we ponder on our mortality.

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The purpose of this blog is to showcase my writing (gosh that sounds pompous but it isn't meant to be, honestly)! Thus far I have published two ebooks on Amazon, "Samantha", which can be found here and "The First Time" which can be found here For further information on this and the other titles which I'll be publishing over the coming months please explore my blog. As new titles are published they will appear here. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and my books.

5 thoughts on “Death and Rebirth.3.

  1. Aishwarya

    Death is such an amazing transformation…you could try for years to figure it out and yet be perplexed at its complexity! I enjoyed reading the post. Have a wonderful 2017. Cheers

  2. gm1123

    Reminds me of a class I took in college. The myths of death and rebirth. It touches on dying/the afterlife/etc. I loved the class. Nice poem.


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