Guest author: Jeff B. Grant

A very interesting post by a close friend who I have known for many years.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


I read quite a log of blogs. I regard Sue Vincent’s as up among the very best – both in the subjects she deals with and in the quality of her own writing. So to have been offered a small part in it like this is very rewarding. Thank you, Sue. It’s the first guest post I’ve ever done, so I’m not at all sure what’s going to emerge. I’ll just put virtual pen to virtual paper and see.

When I was about ten, I confided in a boy at school that, “When I grow up, I’m going to write.” “Ugh!” he replied, pulling a face. “Why d’you want to do that? Writing’s just so boring!”  But like many embryonic writers I’d been scribbling things down as far back as I could remember even in those early days. A year or two prior to that, I’d taken to…

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