Guest author: Kevin Morris – Visual impact

In this post I discuss to what extent my visual impairment (I am registered blind) impacts on my writing. My thanks to Sue Vincent for kindly hosting my article. Kevin

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Silhouette. Image: Nick VerronSilhouette. Image by Nick Verron, who is also partially sighted.

At approximately 18-months-old, I lost the majority of my eyesight due to a blood clot on the brain. While I can distinguish light and dark and discern the outline of objects, I am unable to see detail. So, for example, if a friend were to pass by me I would see an outline and only be aware that it was a friend when they spoke.

I began writing poetry in 2012 and at that time the idea that my visual impairment might impact on the kind of poems I wrote never occurred to me. However, given that several people have commented on my poor vision and how this may impact on my writing, I thought it would form an interesting basis for a post and I am grateful to Sue for agreeing to publish my article.

On Thursday 26…

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