Guest author: Victoria Zigler – Infographics

A great guest post by my author friend Victoria (Tori) Zigler. I, (like Tori) am blind and use screen reading software which converts text into speech and braille enabling me to access my computer. As Tori points out, picture heavy posts (lacking any descriptive text) are wholly useless to blind computer users. There are (as Tori points out) ways to utilise pictures while still making posts meaningful to visually impaired readersfor example by adding descriptive texts to images. Kevin

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

indistinct trees on a foggy day

Pictures and infographics.  Wonderful things, aren’t they?

Everyone seems to think so.  But I don’t.  Personally, I hate infographics, and find picture heavy posts annoying.

We live in a world where it’s assumed you have all five of your senses, and nothing makes that clearer than the current trend of replacing text filled posts with infographics.  For those who actually do have all five senses, this is a great thing, and apparently serves to save time, allowing them to fit in more blog reading time each day.  This is a good thing, right? Well, yes, it is.  After all, we all want as many people as possible to visit our blogs, so the more blogs each person can visit, the more chance we have of one of those blogs being our own.

But what about those of us who are missing one of those senses? What about the visually impaired…

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