The cook does mutter
About the missing butter,
While the dog licks his lips
And eyes up the chips …

Yesterday (25 March), I found my guide dog Trigger with his nose in a tub of butter. I had heard a crash in the kitchen earlier. however, on investigating and there appearing to be nothing amiss, I returned to the living room, until the sound of my hungry canine tucking into a tub of butter reached my ears!


11 thoughts on “Butter

  1. John Furzer

    How ironic that underneath your brief account of the predilection of Trigger for a certain type of full fat spread was an advert for ‘Original Philadelphia’ with the tag line ‘Share a little taste of heaven’.

    I doubt your thoughts on discovering the demise of your butter were anything but heavenly!

    1. drewdog2060drewdog2060 Post author

      Indeed, very ironic! While I wasn’t thrilled by my four-legged fiend (sorry friend) having put his snout in my butter, the container was already at least half empty and I did see the funny side. He did exactly the same thing when visiting my family in Liverpool, so I obviously have a canine with a taste for butter. Perhaps he can feature in a future ad for butter …! Thanks for your comment. Kevin


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