From time to time the newspapers and other media carry stories regarding so-called “sugar dating”. “Sugar Dating” entails a man (usually called a “Sugar Daddy”) providing ongoing financial support to a young woman (a “Sugar Babe”) in return for companionship and (almost always) the provision of sexual services. Frequently such articles glamorise “Sugar Dating”, while the more level headed among us see the practice for what it is (a form of prostitution).
The below poem makes no comment on the ethics of selling sex/prostitution. It does, however conflate “Sugar Dating” with prostitution/sex work.
As a point of information I have no interest in what consenting adults do in private (whether that be in the context of a loving relationship, a casual fling or paid sex). I do, however dislike the hypocrisy of pretending that there exists a difference between so-called “Sugar Dating” and sex work, hence this poem.


Sugar so sweet
Looks down on girls who, on ill shod feet
Patrol the cold and lonely street.
She turns up her delicate nose
At those who in cheap clothes
Under street lamps pose.

Sugar loves fine wines
And in expensive restaurants dines
With her darling Honey
Who spends his money
As though there were no tomorrow,
Thereby concealing some inner sorrow?

Sugar so sweet
And the girl on the street
Engage in the same profession.
Is sugar’s middle name
But, in the end they are both the same.

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