“Hark the herald angels sing”
The Salvation Army band play
As I walk through Victoria station today.

The thing
Is that I want to believe.
The music half carries me away
And I grieve
That I can not pray
Other than in a formulistic way
Where words are heard by none but me.
Or (o distant hope
That helps men cope)
Perhaps by a being
(All seeing)
Who I can not understand
Let alone command.


3 thoughts on “Agnosticism

  1. Jeff Schicke

    As a Christian now, I can look back and remember my period of agnosticism, when I wanted to believe but just wasn’t sure whether I could or should take that leap. I think your poem speaks volumes to people like you where you are and me where I was. I love where you say the music half carries you away. Music indeed is such a force on our hearts, and your poetry also captivates.

      1. Jeff Schicke

        Sure thing, Kevin. I appreciate when people of different beliefs can have a friendly conversation, and even find something to praise in what the other person has to say.

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