A Kind Of Love

A short skirt and heels
Is his heart’s desire.
She sighs,
Feels objectified
But complies
For the fire
Must be lit
And the money split
With one who
Loves her true.


4 thoughts on “A Kind Of Love

  1. Believing Sight Unseen

    I recently came across your blog thanks to Lucy Brazier; followed you, and immediately took to your style – so much so I now have four of your e-books – to enjoy and learn from as I go about serving up my mix of lines, and prose, and poetry. My best regards to you. Eric.

      1. Believing Sight Unseen

        Thank you for the follow Kevin. One thing we seem to have in common is using as few words as possible to make the most of what we have to say; not that I always understand what I put upon the page!? I get the sense though that you know exactly what your words mean. Eric.

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