Interviewed on BBC Radio London!! Speaking out about past sexual abuse

Jennie Ensor: Exploring the realms of psychological fiction

It has been a breathless, emotional and at times almost overwhelming ten days since the launch of THE GIRL IN HIS EYES on the 18th.

Live interview

My interview on the Jo Good show on BBC Radio London finally happened this Tuesday (25 September) after two frustrating delays. It was my third radio interview in just over a week (the first with Alan Robson on Radio Metro then one with BBC Radio Tees). But this was my first live one in an actual studio not a pre-record by phone. Believe me, this is VERY different.

I sat opposite the studio door watching the clock ticking past my allocated start time (3.05pm) trying to stay calm and remember what it was I’d planned to say. Then I was ushered in to sit in front of a huge mike, knowing that thousands would be listening to me talking intimately about my…

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