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There Was A Young Lady Named Black

There was a young lady named Black
Who’s heels went clickety-clack.
She could be seen each night
Standing under a red light.
They say she was hooked on Crack


I Know A Young Lady Named Dawn

I know a young lady named Dawn
Who owns a pet unicorn.
When we met last night
By the star’s bright light
We danced with that pet unicorn.

I know a young lady named Dawn
Who owns a pet unicorn.
While round at mine
We got drunk on wine
And I saw her pet unicorn!

While searching for my unicorn
I met a policewoman named Dawn.
When she said, “you are out late”.
I asked her out on a date
And so our love was born!

Its Queer

Do young women show interest in old men?
No, it is not usually so
Though when
Such men
Have money
Its queer
How a certain kind of honey
Will make herself
Most agreeable to the beer
Belly and receeding hair.
But how dare
You whisper “’tis his wealth that attracts her …”!

He and She

He gave in
To desire
By his gas fire.
And with material so thin
It was easy to sin.

Do you remember him?
Almost certainly no
For when
You go
With many men
And its just
Lust to them
For they do not care
Whether you be Claire or Flair,
How then
Can you care
Who went there?