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Spink Limericks

There was a young man called Spink
Who drank a bottle of ink.
A doctor named Dave
Did his best to save
That foolish young man called Spink.

There was a young lady called Spink
Who drank a bottle of ink.
When she turned bright blue
And said “I love you”
It made me turn to drink!


Beware The Angry Badger!

An angry badger caused chaos in a Scottish castle. He does not, however appear to have been accompanied by his friends Mole, Ratty or Toad!

The Sinner’s Confession

I have yearned
And turned
To what I ought

While hot
I have
Been momentarily glad
Go through.

‘Tis done
I run
To what is true,
Mistress Nature who
Does not care
I have been
Or who seen.