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The Wind Is Blowing

The wind is blowing
And soon I will be going
Or perhaps I should hide
In here
As the weather is drear
And the prospect of writing
Is somewhat inviting.


10 Of The Best Poems About Fire

The literary website, Interesting Literature, has chosen 10 of the best poems about fire. The poems include William Blake’s wonderful poem “The Tyger”. You can read Interesting Literature’s choices here

One of my earliest poems is entitled “Fire and reads thus:

“I have felt the fire’s power;
It kindles brightly and sinks within the hour.
I have watched the embers dying fast;
Looked into the future and gazed into the past.
I have raked the ashes cold, felt the bleakness in my soul”.

(“Fire” can be found in “Dalliance”, which is available in the Amazon Kindle store

Feedback On Your Poems

On Thursday 22 February, poet and tutor Hannah Silverwill be providing feedback on your poems.

This event takes place at the Poetry Society in London’s Covent Garden at a cost of £60 for Poetry Society members and £70 for non-members.

For further details please visit the following link

A Place Of Quietude

A place of quietude
Where few intrude
Is this room
Where soon
I shall retire
To read
Or feed
My desire
For other things.

Some strings tie.
I am lost.
The mirror looks
On while
On occasions the bell pings
Ushering in a smile
And perchance,
A kind of dance.

There Was A Young Man Named Hatcher

There was a young man named Hatcher
Who worked as a professional rat catcher.
He was helped by his cat,
(A feline called Matt)
And was employed by the late Lady Thatcher!


I go
But on going to bed
There is in my head
The thought
That I could be caught
And about

‘Tis the nightmare stalking
My mind
That I may
One day
Myself bare,
Heaven knows where!