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There Was A Young Lady Called Flair

There was a young lady called Flair
Who indulged in many an affair.
Her husband Ted
Found me under their bed
With Flair and his blonde mistress Claire …


The Lightning Flashes Across The Sky

The lightning flashes across the sky
And I
Hear the roar
Of Thor.

Its just passed midnight and from my window
I am reluctant to go
For I know
That although
The roar
Of Thor
Will be heard once more,
That this show
Of an evening late
Which I spectate
May survive
For a time
In rhyme

There Was A Young Lady Called Aphrodite

There was a young lady called Aphrodite
Who lost her see-through nightie.
She searched high and lo
And I really don’t know
Who has her see-through nightie …

Working Towards A Collection Of Poetry

Emma Lee has written a helpful post on producing a collection of poetry. Emma discusses the advantages and disadvantages of publishing a collection dealing with one theme VS producing a book containing a variety of themes.

Emma’s post caused me to ponder on my own writing and, in particular my collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind”. The title of the book brings to mind both clocks and time more generally and there are, indeed a number of poems which deal with this subject matter. There are, however also poems which touch upon a variety of other issues, for example “Crack” which deals with addiction to hard drugs and “Count Dracula Went Out To Dine” (a poem of a more humorous nature). I deliberately chose to include poems on a multiplicity of themes on the basis that “variety is the spice of life”. I enjoy reading collections which cover various subjects and wishing to offer my readers the kind of collection that appeals to me, I took the decision to include a mixture of poems thereby (I hope) enhancing the enjoyment of my readers and avoiding the risk of being pigeonholed as the poet who only writes about time.

You can find Emma Lee’s post here,
“My Old Clock I Wind” is available from Moyhill Publishing and can be found here, It is also available in the Amazon Kindle store,