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The envy of men…

our silent reverie

Mr. Nazeer Ahmed, wakes up slowly. His eyes open gradually. His arms and legs stretch. From the blurry yellow light objects begin to take form. He rolls slightly to his side and is about to drop out of his bed when his body orders the eyes wide open and his hands to flail out. One leg in air the other still in bed, he catches himself on the bedpost.

What? This isn’t my bed. This isn’t my room. Where am I?  

His eyes are greeted with a very bland sight of a room. The paint is chipped in places. A dirty mirror hangs on the wall in front of him. Besides the mirror a single steel hook, which appear to be the ad hoc wardrobe: shirts, pants, underpants, vests, all hang from it. On the floor, underneath this wardrobe sits a pile of socks. Some flies buzz about them…

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3rd Halloween Poem Contest – 1st Group Of Submitted Poems

Writer's Treasure Chest

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Please respect each authors’ and poets’ copyright. The rights remain with the writers. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from each of the poems author’s is strictly prohibited and violates copyright laws in the country you are reading this work in as well as in the country you are trying to re-publish this work in. – Aurora Jean Alexander


Let’s Shine – by Melody J. Fisher

Four fat hollow pumpkins
Gutted, carved, and lit
Staring from the steps
Of the porch where they sit

One is very frightful
Another dons a hat
The biggest one is smiling
One resembles a cat

They just sit and watch
As the world passes them by
Making observations
Before they shrivel up and dry

They sit in silent judgement
As a couple bicker and complain
Listen in discomfort
As they cause each other…

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Horns & Halos Poetry Collection

A free ebook is available courtesy of the poet from Smashwords, which is a generous gesture on Jennifer’s part.


Poetry is fluid and interchanging based on emotion and perception. It allows both the poet and the reader to discover and interpret the words, for themselves.

Life is a lot like poetry, always changing, unique, flexible, forever challenging the mind, and flooding the senses.

Horns & Halo’s was written to convey this sense of self through both emotion and experience. Horns & Halo’s connects the written word, with the real world. No bullshit, no sugar-coating, just up front and raw…


Horns & Halos is available worldwide in paperback and Kindle, from Amazon and a free e-book is available from use coupon code to get your free copy PT96V

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A Writer’s Legacy

I hope people will read my writings after I have ceased to be. This is perhaps somewhat peculiar in that I possess no certainty of life after death (being inclined to agnosticism). If one will have no awareness after one has shuffled off this mortal coil, then why concern oneself with the survival of one’s writings? None the less I do (as stated above) hope that my work will survive and in some small way enrich the lives of future generations. Kevin

KLH Writing

Death, the one thing that is inevitable. It cannot be stopped. Life can be prolonged but death cannot be conquered. It comes from the darkness, taking its due.

But not all is sadness, for as writers, we have abilities that can even live long past our own death.

I am talking about our legacy.

We write stories each day. We create epic journeys of heroes conquering evil, of forgotten races rising from the depths and of love appearing in places of darkness; and we sometimes forget that we can change peoples lives.

We as writers can change so many peoples lives, every single day.

With this post, however, I am speaking about, in particular, our legacy.

The Macmillian Dictionary states legacy as,” something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or die.”

I strongly believe that a writer’s legacy is incredibly important. Our life stories…

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Random Acts of Poetry Day October 7

Thanks to Annette for bringing this day to my attention.

Annette Rochelle Aben

Calling ALL scribes!  This is a terrific opportunity for you to let your voice be heard, as Saturday, October 7th is


 Whoa!  Are they sure they know what they are doing here?  Unleashing bards and bardettes from all over the world to explode with poetic joy, any and every where they are?  Methinks, this could be one for the books…

or walls…

or coffee houses…

All of you who have a poem or two in your boodle bag, this is day to bring it out for some fresh air!  Write it on a wall (okay, write it on a sticky note and LEAVE IT on a wall),  sing it in your car or pretend you are part of an invisible flash mob and get it going while you are walking through the mall. Imagine that all the ghosts of poets past, are joining you, one…

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