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“Screen Fatigue” Sees UK eBook Sales Plunge 17% as Readers Return to Print

Reports of the print book’s death have been greatly exaggerated which, I must confess comes as no surprise to me.

A Writer's Path

by Mark Sweney at the Guardian

Consumer sales down to £204m last year and are at lowest level since 2011 – when Amazon Kindle sales first took off in UK

Britons are abandoning the ebook at an alarming rate with sales of consumer titles down almost a fifth last year, as “screen fatigue” helped fuel a five-year high in printed book sales.

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Poem in Your Pocket Day

Annette Rochelle Aben

Walk around with a poem in your pocket, do ya?  Well, there is a day celebrated throughout the United States and Canada just made for folks such as yourself…

That’s right, April 27th is THAT DAY!  The American Academy of Poets continues to enjoy National Poetry Month (April) by inviting you to join them, by sharing your poetry, or your favorite poetry all day!  Visit for suggestions as well as to find out what others are doing in your area!

 The beautiful thing about sharing poetry is that sharing poetry is a beautiful thing! 

 YES! I am sharing a poem with you, here… This is one I wrote for one of the Ministers in my church in honor of his 50th birthday… As this was written back in the 1990’s he has since forgiven me…

Oh, How Nifty to be Fifty

To have the freedom to say exactly what…

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Untitled (1)


“Nymph, I wonder where you are going
Your hair
In the midnight air
Your face is a mask
Dare I ask
What be your task?

The gate’s hinges squeak
And the owl speaks,
“She may do as she will
For good or ill.
The light is on in yonder place.
Oh her face
Such passing grace”.

“Man why so pale of face?
Why pace
You so
To and fro?
Your eyes fixed on the clock
Straining to hear the gentle knock.
Your sweat
Carries the scent of regret.

The owl winks,
Some things are better left unsaid
As mere conjectures in the head.
Do they ill or well.
Be it heaven or hell
I will not tell”.

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World Book and Copyright Day — and a Gift For My Readers

Sharon E. Cathcart


Hi, everyone.  Today is World Book and Copyright Day, as designated by UNESCO.  The date is symbolic:  Shakespeare, Cervantes, and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died on April 23.  The stated purpose of the event is to pay world-wide tribute to books and authors, and to encourage everyone to discover the joys of reading.  The event was begun in 1995, as a way to pay respect to the “irreplaceable contributions of those, who have furthered the social and cultural progress of humanity.”

31432511In honor of the event, I am offering a 24-hour coupon to my readers.  Click on the link to get a free copy of His Beloved Infidel by using coupon code RG38E at check-out.  The link will expire on April 24, 2017.

Book blurb: Farukh and Catherine are colleagues at Paris’ World Language Institute. He is Persian; she is American. Can their newly-discovered love survive the…

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Why do bloggers take their blogs down?

A good question and some interesting responses following on from the post. Nothing is, of course ever truly deleted. For example if one removes a blog/website, its possible that it may have been archived by (or similar archiving services). Try going to and typing in the url of an existing (or deleted) site and see what comes up. You may well be surprised. In the case of one can request that material you own is deleted from their servers, however there is no guarantee that someone has not (in the meantime) taken a copy of sections of your blog/website. So, basically, once one presses that publish button your content is (quite possibly) out there permanently.

Lucky Otters Haven


This is something I’ve always wondered about.   I see so many bloggers take down their blogs when they lose interest or they feel like their blog has fulfilled its purpose.    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve visited a blog I like and seen a message saying the blog has been removed.

I don’t get it.  Even if I were to lose interest in blogging and stop writing posts, I would still leave my blog(s) up.    One, it costs nothing on WordPress.  Two, people will continue to stumble on my blog and may be helped, entertained, or inspired by something I wrote.  Three, people who already know about my blog want to go back and reread something they already read.

It’s always so disappointing to see that a blog I’ve grown attached to no longer exists.   If I haven’t kept in touch with the blog’s…

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