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One Can Choose To Ignore The News

One can choose
To ignore the news,
And put off until tomorrow
The sorrow
And pain.
But what is true
Will break through
Again and again.


Current Affairs

“I am a moral man” the editor said.
The weak dread
My investigations,
For my mission is to purify the nations!

My interest is the public good.
I would like to see the country free of vice
And my paper in every home, yes that would be nice!

What, you dare to ask about an editor’s private life?!
I tell you sir, I have a wife!
Working late with my secretary? what has that to do with you?!
She’s pretty, you say. Well, there’s no denying that’s true …!”

Windy Park

The wind blows through the park,

My mood is bleak and dark.

Teenage voices glad,

What hope do they have?

In a world gone mad,

Should not one be sad?

The weather speaks to me,

Why can not man be free,

Flying with the breeze,

Amongst the dancing trees.