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When We Die

When we die
I wonder where all our lust
Love and hate Goes?
Who knows?
But methinks
That he who drinks
From Hades stream
Is lost in a dreamless dream
With other dust.


50 Soon

50 soon.
The moon
Will wax and wane
As it must.
And the sun will rise and set
On my joy and regret.

Everything will remain
The same.
And the dust
Laughs at my lust

The Ghoul Frightened Him, He Said

The ghoul frightened him, he said,

Although she was pretty

If seen

Behind the Halloween



I may try

To be witty

But I can not deny

That she and I

Will die

When A Morbid Young Man Called Guy

When a morbid young man called Guy
Said “I am going to die!”,
His good friend Baker,
Who worked as an undertaker
Made reply,
“I can offer you a discount, Guy!”.


Tis easy to forget
In a girl’s bright eyes.
For betwixt her life-giving thighs
Man for a moment dies
In love or lust.

‘Tis a prelude
Ere he does conclude
Where dust
Does replace
The girl’s pretty face
And man is bust.