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Dining Out

In this kind of venue
The menu
Has many dishes.
Dainty fishes
To be caught
And bought
By the naive or jaded,
As the waitresses are paraded
Through the gloom
Of the dining room.

“This dish I shall try”,
(Says the man of the world to his friend).
“In the end
Only a fool can deny
That money can buy
A smile From any fish’s eye.
Yet all dishes are the same
And the taste of distain
Is bitter in the throat
Of the man who gambles groat after groat”.

The groat is the traditional name of a long-defunct English silver coin worth 4 English pennies, and also a Scottish coin originally worth fourpence, with later issues being valued at eightpence and one shilling, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Groat_(coin)).