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I Once Met A Vampire Called Beth

I once met a vampire called Beth
Who half frightened me to death.
A ghoul named Keith
Refused to clean his teeth
So he never got to dance with Beth.


As I Walk Through the Graveyard on Halloween

As I walk through the graveyard on Halloween
I shall think on how witches and ghouls
Are only by fools

The learned well understand
That there is no ghostly hand
To their progress stop
As they pass the graveyard plot.
Yet I shall quicken my pace
Just in case …


Some see shapes gray
And say
“They are ghosts”.
Others perceive
Only bedposts
And grieve
For the naive
Who does believe
In spooks
And ghoul.

The rationalist takes refuge in books
But, on a dark night,
When the electric light
Even the sceptic sometimes pales
At the unexplained draft
Or shadows on the walls.
As he recalls
Nursery tales.
“I am daft”
He will say,
While fervently praying for the coming of day.

Come Halloween

Come Halloween, I shall hide behind gravestones
And rattle artificial bones,
And should anyone ask
Why I perform this task
I shall with a blood curdling groan
Confess That I have no bones of my own …

Another Ghost

Another ghost.
Another mocking toast,
How the hands of the clock do turn,
Never to return
To the point before
That particular door
Was unhinged by me.
I see
A procession of sweet ghouls
That call on fools
To follow
Them to the place where the hollow
And The song of love is told
By the chink
Of gold.

Count Dracula Went Out To Dine

Count Dracula went out to dine.
“Red wine?”
The waitress said.
Dracula shook his head.
“No thank you my dear. Your neck is most fine
And the glint of that necklace against your skin
Temps me into sin.
Come near
And let me whisper in your dainty ear
Words of desire
From a vampire
To you,
My love most true”.

That gentleman over there
He with the coat of fur,
Who howls at the moon,
Will require my attention soon.
The Werewolf has his need
And must also feed”.

“Oh waitress most divine
I shall make do with wine.
But please, just one kiss from those lips so red”
The count said.

“I can recommend the steak.
Would you care to partake?
The chef (though a ghoul
And a bit of a fool
Can make
A rare old stake.
Why Count, must you really go?
And just when I was enjoying our conversation so …”.