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A Sober Satyr Reflects

So many angels with broken wings.
Do fortune’s slings
Bring them low?
Some things
I know
And wish it where not so.

Heaven is here
When angels are near,
But as the years advance
The dance
Is ever more staid.
I have with angels played
And for the pleasure paid.

Black Ice

2 Cars in search of a crash
Jump red lights
On nights,
When black ice
Holds the heart in a vice-like grip.

Girls trip
On heels to high
For walking.
Tongues are talking,
“They are prisoners of their own making”.
Much head shaking.

Vehicles collide and slide
Down the embankment towards the river of unmindfulness
Where those who drink
Into forgetfulness sink
And remember not
That it is their lot
To constantly pay
the ferryman Who carries their soul away.

Satyrs and Sprites

The satyrs drink
And think
On woodland sprites
And fleeting delights.

The sprites preen
And glean
What they may
For youth passeth away.

“Will you stay
The satyrs say
With a nonchalant smile.

“I will remain
Until dawn does stain
The sky with gold.
Tomorrow will be a cold
The sprites say.


Truth hides
In the day
And slides
Out in dreams
When all seems

Dreams reveal
Our fears, often in a jumble,
A veritable Tumble
Of confused
Images and thought.

The truth may momentarily be caught
For the dreamer to see,
But frequently wriggles free
As he awakes
And his desire for forgetfulness slakes
In Lethe.

Lether means oblivion In ancient greek and was one of the 5 rivers in Hades (the Greek underworld). When the dead drank from the waters of Lethe they would forget their former lives. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lethe.