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A couple of limericks

There was a young lady called Molly
Who purchased an expensive brolly.
Much to her dismay
The brolly blew away,
So she bought a shopping trolley!

There was a young lady called Holly
Who was extremely posh and jolly.
She married a man of lowly station,
Which caused her family much consternation,
But the vicar was fat and jolly!

There was a young author named Hurn

There was a young author named Hurn
Who lived in a place called Pitcairn.
He wrote about a girl he knew,
Which one aught not to do!
So they drummed him out of Pitcairn!

Summer Is

Summer is stinging bees
And flies on the cheese
That mother put out,
(Oh hear her shout)!

Summer is a gentle breeze
That ruffles the skirts
Of girls who tease
And flirt.

Summer is too much wine
And crossing a line
Though (at the time)
This seemed perfectly fine …