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I Know A Young Lady Called Bess

I know a young lady called Bess
Who’s love she did confess
To a man named Bill,
(She loves him still),
But alas he doesn’t love Bess!


There Was A Young Lady Called Lou

There was a young lady called Lou
Who starred in movies most blue.
A priest named Hocking
Found them most shocking.
As for me, I watched them too …!

A naughty young lady called Lou
Stars in movies most blue.
My old friend Mark
Says he walks in the park
But I think he watches them too.


When A Morbid Young Man Called Guy

When a morbid young man called Guy
Said “I am going to die!”,
His good friend Baker,
Who worked as an undertaker
Made reply,
“I can offer you a discount, Guy!”.

When A Careless Young Man Called Howe

When a careless young man called Howe
Fell from a very high bough
A farmer, named Guy
Said, with a cry
“You have fallen on my prize cow!”.

(The name “Howe” is pronounced “How).

There Was A Young Lady Called Samantha

There was a young lady called Samantha
Who met in spring with a panther.
Come the summertime
I wrote a rhyme
About a girl who’s name was Samantha …

There Was A Young Man Called Grubb

There was a young man called Grubb
Who wrote verse in his local pub.
The publican, named Monk
Said, “you’re drunk,
But your verse it is really quite good!”.