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The Wind Is Blowing

The wind is blowing
And soon I will be going
Or perhaps I should hide
In here
As the weather is drear
And the prospect of writing
Is somewhat inviting.


There Was A Young Man Named Hatcher

There was a young man named Hatcher
Who worked as a professional rat catcher.
He was helped by his cat,
(A feline called Matt)
And was employed by the late Lady Thatcher!


I go
But on going to bed
There is in my head
The thought
That I could be caught
And about

‘Tis the nightmare stalking
My mind
That I may
One day
Myself bare,
Heaven knows where!

There Was A Young Nun Named Louise

There was a young nun named Louise
Who’s habit it was to tease.
She donated all of the convent’s resources
To serving members of the armed forces
And she sailed the seven seas.

There Was A Young Minimalist Named Paul

There was a young minimalist named Paul
Who lived in a very bare hall.
When his friends came round
They sat on the ground
As he had no furniture at all!


There was a young man named Paul
Who lived in a rather grand hall.
His sister named Linn
Sat on a pin.
You should have heard that young lady bawl!

There was a literary critic named Paul
Who wrote a review on a wall.
The book’s author, who was named Howl
Took a large damp towel
And scrubbed the review off that wall!

There was a young man named Mitch
Who was extremely rich.
He attended a grand ball
In a fine old hall
And duelled with a Count in a ditch.