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Claire and Lou

I know a young Socialist called Claire

Who thinks inequality most unfair.

Her butler Bill

Is with her still

Which shows she really does care …



I met a young lady called Lou

Who swore she would be true.

But when a girl called Hocking

Lost her fine silk stocking

Lou she swore we’re through


Early Morning Humour

A young man by the name of Spink
Is very fond of a drink.
But when he broke into mine
And drank my fine wine
The judge sentenced him to clink!

(Clink is another word for prison).

When a man by the name of Spink
Became lost in a good deal of drink
His wife called Clair,
Who is young and fair
Gave me a nod and a wink …

When, on the winding stair
I met a blond called Flair
My wife Anne
Grabbed a frying pan
And ended that affair!