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There Was A Young Lady Called Flair

There was a young lady called Flair
Who indulged in many an affair.
Her husband Ted
Found me under their bed
With Flair and his blonde mistress Claire …


There Was A Young Lady Called Aphrodite

There was a young lady called Aphrodite
Who lost her see-through nightie.
She searched high and lo
And I really don’t know
Who has her see-through nightie …

I am Told

I am told
That one is getting old
When policemen look younger than you.
I’m sure that’s true
But when girls say
In a friendly sort of way
That their dad has the same interests as you,
Then what is a guy to do
Other than smile and accept
That age
Has crept
Up on him like a thief in the bleak night
And that although he may, in the company of young women delight
He must
For the purposes of love or lust
Engage with women of a similar age
As no
Young ladies desire
A grey haired sire.
But oh!
If he have money it may be so …!