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Thank you to Lesley M Dawson of My Liverpool Blog, https://ellemdawson.wordpress.com/about/, for providing me with a word to describe my love of rain (pluviophile), which means a lover of rain! I am delighted to meet a fellow pluviophile!

You can find examples of my poems which deal with rain below:

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Its Raining

Its raining out there.
I swear
That I will go out later,
But, seeing an alligator
I shall continue to reside
Safely Inside!

Perhaps I am in denial
And it is a crocodile
That lurks below.
Maybe I should my resolution harden
And go out into my garden
With my dog
And admit that that fearsome creature is, in fact a log …!

I maintain
That despite the rain
Crocodile and alligator
That I will go
But let it be later …!