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There Is An Equalitie In The Grave

There is an equalitie in the grave
Where the brave,
The coward, the rich and the poor
All must bow down,, to death’s all conquering law.

In the beds of the living,
There may be mutual giving
And equalitie,
But love may not always be free

Long Forgotten Lists

Long forgotten lists
And secret trysts.
Girl’s wrists
Naked, save for cheap jewels,
So often left behind
For fools
To find.

Inexpensive scent
Grossly overdone.
It is fun
To repent
Over the fact
Of an act
And say, “come future days,
I shall mend my ways”.

The moralist gabs
About heels
And midnight deals
As the stiletto stabs
Again, and perchance leaves a mark
On Lothario’s fickle heart.

There Was A Young Materialist Named Ted

There was a young materialist named Ted
Who remarked “when we are dead, we are dead”.
He went to Hell
Where the Devil does dwell,
That unfortunate young materialist named Ted!

Whispering Girls

Whispering girls, I know
not what you are saying.
‘Tis a kind of praying,
For your first lapse
Happened not long ago.

One cold,
Rigid as an ironing board.
The other bold.
Their desire for gold,
And his aching lust,
All must
End in dust.

There Was A Young Man Named Ken

There was a young man named Ken
Who entered the lion’s den.
The creature rubbed it’s eyes
And remarked with surprise,
“I nearly didn’t recognise you, Ken”!

Final Straw

An arm thick as the final straw.
The lure
Of the not quite forbidden.
Many have ridden
Down the hidden
With fragrant bush
And unable or unwilling to turn back
Have themselves been caught
In a mire of desire,
(A secret fire
They aught
Not to have ignited
Or in it’s flames delighted.
‘Ere they found
Their desire was with sorrow crowned