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There Was A Young Lady Called Ellie

There was a young lady called Ellie
Who was overly fond of jelly.
She ate it for breakfast, lunch and tea
And it was plain to see,
That Ellie had a very large belly!

Come the 1st of May

Come the 1st of May,
Will you stay?
Shall we make romance
Our goal
As we dance around the Maypole?
And demonstrate to God above
Our abiding love?”

“My darling I will stay,
Come the 1st of May.
But you must pay
For my new dress
So as to impress.
Each girl
As I around the Maypole twirl.
Why dearest one, your face shows such distress …”.


Desire broaches,
While sense reproaches.
To go down that well worn path
And laugh
With Kath
Or Lou
Would, its true
Be easy as the wine that flows,
And the hole-in-the wall
From whence, man knows
Passing pleasures fall