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You are content
For the nurse
May prevent
The worst
For a while.
The smile
Of an unknown friend
Under the white sheet
Is passing sweet.
Yet in the end
The nurse
On swift feet
Can not stay the dread traverse
Of yonder hearse.


Any Port

“Good morning stranger, I know you well”.
They greet
Under well worn sheet.
“There is no spell
To hold you here
Tis simply the sprinkle,
The familiar tinkle
Of worldly dust
That has thrust
We two together.
In stormy weather
Ships seek any port.
On a wave of need caught
They chance their luck
And sometimes buck”.

A burned child dreads the fire

A burned child dreads the fire,
They say,
But, as day follows day,
We see that he
Grasps the hot coal
To his soul,
Again and again,
Despite the pain.

The coal burns
And the child turns
(Perhaps for a day)
Or so.
Yet back he will go,
To that place I know,
Truth to tell,
All too well.

A Conversation

First speaker: “Is it romantic?”
Second speaker: “no,
Some hold it to be so.
It is a frantic dance
Where romance
Has little chance”.

First Speaker: “Are you friends
Of a kind?”
Second speaker: “I find
That there are schemes,
To ends.
It all depends
On what you mean by friends …”.

First speaker: “Is there ever respect?”
Second speaker: “I can not reject
The idea that there is sometimes respect,
But some will never accept
That this is often the case
So after imagined nightmares chase”.

First speaker: “Is it cold?”
Second speaker: “Warm arms enfold
But gold
Is by it’s nature cold”.


Who to believe?
What we perceive,
The signals we receive,
Are so much
Double Dutch.
Or are they so?
For the wise may know
The meaning
Of scheming.

An imagined delight
Takes flight.
The perceived swan
Is gone
And the old owl
Has no time
For the poet’s rhyme,
For behind each word
Is heard
The wolf’s foul growl.