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Come the 1st of May

Come the 1st of May,
Will you stay?
Shall we make romance
Our goal
As we dance around the Maypole?
And demonstrate to God above
Our abiding love?”

“My darling I will stay,
Come the 1st of May.
But you must pay
For my new dress
So as to impress.
Each girl
As I around the Maypole twirl.
Why dearest one, your face shows such distress …”.


Desire broaches,
While sense reproaches.
To go down that well worn path
And laugh
With Kath
Or Lou
Would, its true
Be easy as the wine that flows,
And the hole-in-the wall
From whence, man knows
Passing pleasures fall

Reality TV

The Romans threw
Christians to the lions.
This we no longer do,
For modern man is civilised.
Yet, it is no surprise
That there is now reality TV
Where we
Watch with glee
As the inadequate, Sad
Or quite frankly bad
Are flayed alive.

We viewers pretend not to derive
Any satisfaction
From the interaction
Of a host who weeps crocodile tears
As the audience in turn sneers
And jeers.
So we self righteously shake our head
At the living dead.

Today society is humane
For the gladiators now remain
To be pointed at in the street,
For they are no lions to eat
Them whole.
Merely their soul
Is by the entertainment industry taken,
Leaving them forsaken.
But some do tell,
There is no soul to sell

Birds of Diverse Feather

“At least he wasn’t rough” she thinks,
And drinks
To forget
Her regret.

In the evening drear,
He recollects a timid deer.
Swallow after swallow of beer
Fails to hide
The hollowness inside.

“Never again”
The girl says,
But when he calls
She falls
For he who pays often finds
That money binds together ,
Birds of diverse feather.

Poet Kevin Morris to be interviewed on Vancouver Co-Op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series, on Thursday 4 May

I am pleased to announce that I shall be appearing on Vancouver Co-op Radio (http://www.coopradio.org/), on Thursday 4 May, to talk about my soon to be released collection of poetry, “My Old Clock I Wind and Other Poems”.

My interview will also include me reading a selection of my poetry. To listen please tune in at 1:10 pm Vancouver time (9:10 pm UK time).

For my previous interview on Vancouver Co-op Radio’s The World Poetry Reading Series, please visit http://worldpoetry.ca/?p=11413.

My thanks to Ariadne Sawyer of the World Poetry Reading Series for enabling my appearance.