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There Was A Young Materialist Named Ted

There was a young materialist named Ted
Who remarked “when we are dead, we are dead”.
He went to Hell
Where the Devil does dwell,
That unfortunate young materialist named Ted!

There Was A Young Man Named Ken

There was a young man named Ken
Who entered the lion’s den.
The creature rubbed it’s eyes
And remarked with surprise,
“I nearly didn’t recognise you, Ken”!

There Was A Young Man From My Local

There was a young man from my local
Who maintained that he was wholly teetotal.
Each day he would sup,
From his tea cup
And he wabbled as he left my local …

(the term “local” signifies a public house or pub in the UK.
A person who is teetotal never drinks alcohol.
The character in the above limerick is, of course wholly ficticious in nature).