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There Was A Man Who Lived In The Gloom

There was a man who lived in the gloom
As he would allow no light in his room.
Many say that he was a vampire
And very few had any desire
To meet that man who dwelt in the gloom!


There Was A Young Man Called Friend

There was a young man called Friend
Who did me some money lend.
When I hid away
And refused to repay
It drove him round the bend!

There Was A Young Lady Called Christine

There was a young lady called Christine
Whose writing was always pristine.
Noone understood a word
But I have heard
That her life was squeaky clean!

There Was An Elderly Man Called Monk

There was an elderly man called Monk
Who sat in a pub getting drunk.
When the barmaid looked askance
He asked her to dance.
That disreputable old drunkard called Monk!