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Kick Off Your Shoes

Kick off your shoes
For a stranger is a friend not yet made.
Be not staid
Dear maid
But lose
Yourself in booze
And forget

Let us draw the curtain
For tomorrow
Is uncertain
Your skin is silky smooth
But how the clock’s hands move
Towards the morrow,
Which the forecasters say
Will be a dismal day.


In My Youth

In my youth
To tell truth
Every girl appeared to me
To be
A spark to ignite.
My flame burned bright
And I would take delight
In puppy dreams.
Now it seems
That I have too much
As I at nought but phantoms clutch.

I have delighted
In desire
And received a kind of satisfaction
Through what the vulgar term “action”.
Their fire
Is often cold, although
A few I know
Make a show
Of pretending it is not so.


He delighted
In unrequited love.
A kiss uninvited
(With no desire by a girl to return)
May go unspurned
Where advantage To her is concerned.
For a facsimile is easily made
And homage to Mammon paid.

Note: I am aware that the word “unspurned” does not appear in the dictionary. I have, none the less chosen to use it, and by so doing (possibly) coined a new word.