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Colours Converge

Colours converge
And the black does merge
With the white.
The night
Is sweet
And colours greet
In starlight.


There Was A Young Man Called Guy

There was a young man called Guy
Who worked in the field of AI.
He created a robot girl to love
But alas she gave him the shove
Which caused that young man to cry

A Doleful Young Man Called Cook

A doleful young man called Cook
Sought a sequestered nook.
His thoughts where muddy
And he needed to study
So there he took
A book.

A young lady was there
With auburn hair.
And Cook
His thoughts no longer muddy
Both book
And study …

An Observation

The moralist judgement passes
On men in glasses
Who make passes
At pretty lasses.
While the wise observe that those who criticise,
Will never find favour in a girl’s bright eyes.

(Written in response to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/observe/).

My Grandfather

On a hot
I lack the words to say
How the smell
(I know so well)
Carried me away
To where I can not stay,
For he has gone into the forest green
(Which I have seen
Though I can not follow him yet).

I can not forget
Those happy days (now tinged with regret)
For a fence does divide.
Yet he lives inside
My heart
And is forever a part
Of me.

The land I see
Beyond the fence is lush
With tree and bush.
I can not rush
And no not when
I shall see him again.
But see I must
For I am dust
As he
Who loved me.