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Young Women

In short frocks
And with feet bare
They have no care
For clocks
That whir.


When The TV Does Cease

When the TV does cease
In the hypnotic
Tick tock
Of the clock
Takes hold.

Tel me not
That time is a despot.
True the wise and the fool
Both must obey his rule,
But the wise accept
While many a fool has wept
At the swing of his rod
That reduces all to sod.

The TV
Can make us free
For a while from the thought
That we ought
To heed the pendulum’s swing
That does bring
Our spring
To summer and thence
To autumn when those of little sense
Dye their hair
They know
That the winter snow
Lets none go.

The Passing Breeze

I solace seek
In the breeze
That does speak
Amongst these
Ancient trees.
Or do the trees
Themselves speak?

Lovers make free
Midst the budding tree
And in love’s dance
Do not hear
The breeze
That passes near.


Standing At My Window

Standing at my window
Reluctant to go
For I know
Not how long I shall be here.

Not quite half-way through the year.
May is love and birds
And erratic words
That fall
As the passing sunlight upon my wall.

Tomorrow will come (probably for me)
And I shall see
The sun’s rays fall
Upon this wall
But I know not
What tomorrow has in store …