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My Shirt Blows

My shirt blows
In the morning air.
My thought goes
To where
Girls with long tresses
In summer dresses
The bare.

Lad and lass
Will pass
But I have all this today.


Standing At My Window

Standing at my window
Reluctant to go
For I know
Not how long I shall be here.

Not quite half-way through the year.
May is love and birds
And erratic words
That fall
As the passing sunlight upon my wall.

Tomorrow will come (probably for me)
And I shall see
The sun’s rays fall
Upon this wall
But I know not
What tomorrow has in store …

The Afternoon Sun Will Soon Be Done

The afternoon sun
Will soon be done
And each bird that does sing
Will fold it’s wing
In sleep.

Why do I keep
Indoors and maintain
This sad refrain?

All will pass,
Lad and lass,
But until then
There is ink in my pen
And I trust sufficient time
For more than mere rhyme.

A Flower Found Within A Book

Shall I compose a poem about a blood red
Poppy that I discovered in a book,
And how I took
It dead
From within the grieving leaves?

Shall I say
How, yesterday
I placed that flower
In a carved
Box where it will languish, love starved
For countless hour?

The book I had when we met.
I forget
Why the flower (paper thin)
Was there with it’s sharp pin
Still intact.

I remember the fact
Of you and me
Buying part
Of a once living tree.
Each heart
Is dying or dead


My poem, “Leaves Blown At Night”, came to me as I walked with my guide dog, Trigger, on a December evening in Liverpool. The leaves blowing around my feet reminded me of the fleetingness of things and, in particular my own mortality