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The Poet Sat In His Study

The poet sat in his study.
His thoughts where dark and muddy.
The poet’s dog walked in,
With a wag and a grin.
And paws all wet and muddy!


There Was A Young Man Called More

There was a young man called more
Who’s head was extremely sore.
He denied that it was drink
But the devil did wink
At the empties on the floor!

(“empties” means empty bottles. In this case of the alcoholic kind).

There Was A Young Lady Called Mel

There was a young lady called Mel
Who tried her soul to sell.
Said the devil,
“You are not on the level,
As your real name is Nell”!

There was a young lady called Mel
Who dated a man named Snell.
They went to the park
When it was dark
And the rest she refuses to tell!