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The creep
Of girl’s feet
Bring delight
At night.
Neighbours sleep.


A Lady Who’s Name Is Brass

A lady who’s name is Brass

Has a heart fragile as glass.

When I criticised her art

Her tears did start

And her friends all called me crass!

A Teasing Word

Oh maid
Most staid
We never played,
But I clearly heard
A teasing word
A little while ago
And I desire you to know
That I have forgot not.

So I smile
And make polite chit chat
About this and that
While thinking on a sleek cat
That desires the cream.
I can but dream …

The Best Poetry Blogs of 2018, as listed by Matthew Stewart on his blog Rogue Strands

Matthew Stewart, of the blog Rogue Strands has produced his list of the best poetry blogs of 2018, https://roguestrands.blogspot.com/2018/12/the-best-uk-poetry-blogs-of-2018.html. I was pleased to find amongst the listings the website of Giles L Turnbull, http://gilesturnbullpoet.com. Apart from the fact that I enjoy his work, Giles and I both attended Swansea University (although not at the same time). We later connected online and you can read more about the series of coincidences which led to our meeting here, http://gilesturnbullpoet.com/2018/07/01/i-spy-with-my-little-eye-something-beginning-with-a-poet/.