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On seeing a happy couple

On seeing a happy couple, I smile
For there is no denial
That love
Is good.
Yet, after a while
I can not help but ponder on
How love is here, then gone.

Each joke
Which now produces laughter
May cause her to choke
On her anger in the end.
Or perhaps she will pretend
And maintain
A fixed smile to hide her disdain.

Coupledom is fun
Until her dress, thrown haphazard on the floor
Loses it’s alure
And his sweaty feet
Forever defeat
Passion’s heat.


There was a young man named Nile

There was a young man named Nile
Who fell in love with a crocodile.
The creature said “come close my dear
And let me whisper in your ear”.
And she smiled a beautiful smile …

This rhyme is out of time

This rhyme
Is out of time
And I have not the will
To set it right

I am no sage
Yet dream of a golden age
Where clocks kept slow time
And to rhyme
Was thought the proper thing to do.
Perhaps this view
Is at least half true.

What is the point of poetry?

A good article in “Spiked”, by Joe Nutt, entitled “What is the point of poetry?” I agree with the thrust of this piece and, in particular with the concluding sentences,
“In the great and even not so great outdoors, I notice much more. Poetry has been, and is, a way for me to understand my life better, and because of that, I believe those closest to me benefit, too. Because I share the world with flesh and blood living beings, not with cables, screens and keyboards”.
For the article please visit http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/what-is-the-point-of-poetry/20778#.WmMqfIinzIV.

A Place Of Quietude

A place of quietude
Where few intrude
Is this room
Where soon
I shall retire
To read
Or feed
My desire
For other things.

Some strings tie.
I am lost.
The mirror looks
On while
On occasions the bell pings
Ushering in a smile
And perchance,
A kind of dance.