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I Awoke to Ravens Cawing

I awoke to ravens cawing.

Their voices sawing

Through my mind.

No peace can I find

From the bird of ill omen

Who mocked the Roman

As he withdrew from these shores,

The bird’s caws

Lost in sea and oars.


Forever Alone

He finds you online
Or over the phone
But he
And she
Are always alone.

In the hotel room
Lingers on
Though she is gone
Back to the streets of stone
For she
And he
Are forever alone.

Thursday Morning Humour

There was a young lady called Lou
Who said she loved me true.
We had a hot date
With a girl called Kate
Who said she loved me too!

There was a young lady called Leigh
Who said “I am in love with thee!”.
I said “my wife Grace
Has an innocent face
And she’d love to meet you Leigh …!”.

There was a young lady called Leigh
Who invited me round for tea.
A bishep named Paul
Said “all men fall”
When he joined us 2 for tea!

“The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems”, by K Morris, is now available for preorder in the Amazon Kindle store

I am pleased to announce that my collection of poems, “The Writer’s Pen and Other Poems” is now available for preorder in the Amazon Kindle store (the book goes live on 3 September so, if you order prior to that date, your purchase will be delivered on the publication date).

The title poem runs thus:

“You accuse me of hiding in my ivory tower.
I answer that I have no power,
Other than my pen
Which, when
It scratches,
Sometimes catches
The truth of the matter,
Causing the fine porcelain
Of your ideals to shatter,
Revealing the stain
Called human nature.
For each man is a prater
And the writer’s pen
Can interpret the hearts of men”.

To preorder “The Writer’s Pen” please visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07GD1LBMV/ (for the UK) and https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GD1LBMV/ (for the USA).