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When Inocence Met Desire

When innocence met desire
They say
That the Town Crier
Had a field day.
The populace rose in disgust
And filled with hate
They lynched the reprobate,
While deep inside
Their own lust
They secretly did hide.

Coming Storm

I wish that a storm would come.
I can neither run
Nor stay
And pray
For a storm to take
All this away.

Once the lightening has passed
I may feel bereft
At the vast
Nothing left
Behind. But the storm must come
And I must not run
But face the thunder, and stay.

Who Are You?

“Who are you?” he said
As she lay upon the bed.
“Who me?
I can be
Whoever you want me
To be”
She made reply
With a barely audible sigh.

“And who are you?”
She asked.
“I am masked.
Now let us play a while.
Do bring a smile
To my face
With silk and lace,
For after a will-o’-the-wisp I chase”.

The Poetry Library

If you have published a collection of poetry, the Poetry Library (based at London’s Southbank Centre) will consider stocking your work (including books from small presses and self-published titles).

The Poetry Library’s website states:

• The library contains 200,000 items and is growing all the time
• We acquire two copies of each book and audio title, one for reference and one for loan
• We aim to stock all poetry titles published in the UK with a representation of work from other countries including work in parallel text and English translation
• An exhibition space featuring works by artists engaging with the Library’s collection, text and poetry in general, and projects and events at Southbank Centre
• The librarians meet once a month to consider self-published and small press items for the collection and will always respond to those who submitted something for consideration”.

To find out more about the Poetry Library or to contact them please visit, http://www.poetrylibrary.org.uk/about/.


You left your umbrella behind
For me to find.
There were no ties
To bind,
Just passing sighs
And me for a moment seeing
A human being.

I never saw you again
But when
Recollection stirs
Of brief affairs,
I see in my mind
Ducks on a girl’s umbrella
Long since left behind
For a man to find.