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The Hair Of The Dog

We do what we shouldn’t.
I wouldn’t
Into another’s desire
For when the wine flows
The staid
Shows …

When the day is warm
Bees to flowers swarm,
Birds sing
And the sting
Seems far away.

They say
That the hangover cure
Is the hair of the dog.
Good god
Are they sure!?


Colours Converge

Colours converge
And the black does merge
With the white.
The night
Is sweet
And colours greet
In starlight.

An Observation

The moralist judgement passes
On men in glasses
Who make passes
At pretty lasses.
While the wise observe that those who criticise,
Will never find favour in a girl’s bright eyes.

(Written in response to https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/observe/).

At The Start

At the start
A heart
I sought.
I thought
That I caught
Delicious fish,
A dainty dish
For a sorrowing king,
But the thing
Was an eel.

The first deal
Being done
I continued to run
After fun.
The sun
Sometimes shone
(As it does today)
As I half-heartedly did play
At romance.

I still dance
From time to time
And, perchance
The false
Is set down in rhyme.

On seeing a happy couple

On seeing a happy couple, I smile
For there is no denial
That love
Is good.
Yet, after a while
I can not help but ponder on
How love is here, then gone.

Each joke
Which now produces laughter
May cause her to choke
On her anger in the end.
Or perhaps she will pretend
And maintain
A fixed smile to hide her disdain.

Coupledom is fun
Until her dress, thrown haphazard on the floor
Loses it’s alure
And his sweaty feet
Forever defeat
Passion’s heat.

Future Love

In the future, will robots dress
To impress?
And will men and women sigh
Over a lover’s imperfect thigh?
And choose
To lose
Their very being
In the never seeing
Robot eye?
For therein does lie
For there can be no rejection
For you or I.
And one can not sin
With a thing of tin.