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Future Love

In the future, will robots dress
To impress?
And will men and women sigh
Over a lover’s imperfect thigh?
And choose
To lose
Their very being
In the never seeing
Robot eye?
For therein does lie
For there can be no rejection
For you or I.
And one can not sin
With a thing of tin.


Set a fly to catch a spider

Diving deep I hold my breath.
Who knows what will creep
Out from this rock
(I am beyond shock),
For this is the World Wide Web where spiders wait
And find too late
That the juicy fly
They hoped to entangle is … I


Wires going into your head.
Are you dead
Or on life support?
Perhaps I aught
Not to intrude,
For it is rude
To stare.
But there,
To my surprise,
In front of my eyes
Is an actual cyborg,
Who does on technology gorge.

Open Goal

How long before they impale
Themselves on email
Or text?
How vexed
They would be
To hang from their own tree.

The goal stands undefended.
The keeper pretended
To watch, but slept.
Inevitably someone wept
As into the open goal, the ball crept

This Internet Thing

“This internet thing
Can only immorality bring.
I mean,
Imagine the scene
Where Jack can be Jill
(and almost certainly will),
For who can see behind the screen
Of this new fangled computer machine?”

In my day we had top shelf magazines
And watched scenes
On video
(on second thoughts best not go
Anyway I swear
That society is going to pot,
(have you got
Any by the way? …)”.