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A butterfly flits from flower to flower.
It’s hour
‘Tis brief,
But man knows grief


Woodland Glade

A beautiful butterfly
Flutters by
And a gentle breeze
Russles the leaves
Of fine old trees.

Where shadows dance
Couples may see,
By some lucky chance,
The otter wild and free
That dreams
In woodland streams.

Standing on the street
With dusty feet,
They gazed
At the museum of yesteryear,
While far and near
Stretched the asphalt drear.

Autumn Garden

Sitting in this autum garden I
Hear aircraft from the nearby
Airport. The breeze
Rustles in the trees,
Then modernity’s din
Muscles in yet again,
As another plane
Flies by
Competing with the wind’s sigh.

A conker I found

A conker I found
On the ground.
Still in it’s prickly clothes,
Yet to be disclosed.

“I aught
To leave you here” I thought.
“You may, for all I know
Grow into a great tree”.

But another voice in me
Said “some other will take you away, if I leave you here on the grass
For many people here pass”.
So I took you home
As my own.

On my sill
You sit, waiting to spill
Your seed.
Was it need
Or greed
That made the virile
Would that I could
Get to the root
Of this drying fruit.