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Why Did I My Window Close?

Why did I my window close?
The wind blows.
Will die
So why
Be shy
Of this fresh air
That takes away my care?

I awoke
To crows.
Nature spoke
Once more. Who knows
Why man goes
On as before?


December 2015

I penned the below poem on 8 December 2015. The last month of 2015 was particularly mild which prompted me to reflect on climate change, hence the below composition.
December 2017 has, on the whole been rather cold (as one would expect in the depths of winter). While Christmas day itself was rather mild in my part of the UK, today (26 December) is much colder and I was glad of my coat when walking my guide dog, Trigger earlier in the morning.
“December?” can be found in my collection of poetry, “Lost In The Labyrinth Of My Mind”, which is available (ebook only) from Amazon, and as a paperback from Moyhill Publishing.

“It is too warm for December.
I remember
other years
When tears
Would freeze
And an icey breze
the stinging nose.
No need for winter clothes.
The weather grows
Something is deranged.
All, all is changed”.

I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand those who wish that the sun would always shine,
For life is varied, and I pray that it will remain so.
When others complain
I shall go
Out in the rain
And feel alive
As they into buildings dive.

Some say the winter is drear
And huddle near
Fires that suck The oxygen away.
I can not stay
On a cold winter’s day
But must ramble about on the moors
Or take a walk in an urban park
For the dark will come
And blot out the sun.
I am dust.